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International Student Ambassadors

We want to make your transition to a new country and to Liberty University a smooth and enjoyable process. Our student ambassadors are here to help you with that.

As student ambassadors, these international students work to develop friendships with you to support your educational journey. They will help make sure your cultural adjustment is both fun and seamless. Take a look below to find out who your student ambassadors are!

Undergraduate Student Ambassadors

Lydia Yohannes

Classification: Junior

Home Country: Ethiopia

Major: Double major of Computer Science: Software Engineering and Computer Science: Cyber Security and double minor of Business and Mathematics

Bio: Hello, my name is Lydia Yohannes, and I am from Ethiopia. I have 2 sisters and 2 brothers; you can tell I grew up in a big size family. I am currently a junior at Liberty University with a double major in Computer Science: Software Engineering, and Computer Science: Cyber Security, and a double minor in Business and Mathematics. I first chose Liberty because of the scholarship I got, but now I can say it was God's plan from the beginning, and I can’t see myself in any other college than Liberty University. The students and faculty here are really welcoming and will make you feel right at home. I am personally excited to meet you, and lastly, welcome to the Liberty family.


Sebastian Kim

Classification: Junior

Home Country: Paraguay

Major: Spanish Literature with a minor in Biomedical Sciences

Bio: My name is Sebastian Kim. I'm from Paraguay, right in the middle of South America! I'm majoring in Spanish Literature and minoring in Biomedical Sciences. I'm a junior here at Liberty University. I chose to study here because it was the perfect place to grow both academically and spiritually. So far I think it has been my best decision!


Andres Cordova

Classification: Senior 

Home Country: Peru

Major: Industrial & Systems Engineering

Bio: Hello! My name is Andres Cordova; I am studying Industrial & Systems Engineering and I will be a senior next semester. I decided to come to Liberty because I like challenges, and when I heard about Liberty, I decided that it was the next step in my life to keep growing spiritually and in knowledge.


Abigail Mendoza

Classification: Freshman  

Home Country: Venezuela 

Major: Business

Bio: Hi there! My name is Abi, I’m originally from Venezuela, and I’m an international student here at Liberty University. Currently, studying my freshman year in Business.  God decided to bring me to Liberty in a very special way, this college was for years in my heart and it was a gift from God being able to come. Without a doubt, God always knows better what is best for us!



Blessy Sam

Classification: Junior

Home Country: India

Major: Interdisciplinary Studies

Bio: My name is Blessy Sam, and I am from India. I am a junior and majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies. I chose Liberty University because it is a Christian college, and after coming here, I loved it so much. It is purely God’s plan for me to be at LU.


Er Yearn Jang (Ruth)

Classification: Junior

Home Country: South Korea

Major: Biomedical Sciences

Bio: Er Yearn Jang, who goes by the name of Ruth, is a junior in the Biomedical Sciences program at Liberty University. Although she was born in and is from South Korea, she lived 12 years on the island of Papua as a missionary kid. She decided to study at Liberty University because of the research opportunities and the Honors Program.


Elie Bizimana

Classification: Senior

Home Country: Rwanda

Major: Computer Science

Bio: My name is Elie Bizimana. I was born and raised in Rwanda, spent five years in Uganda, and finished my high school in the beautiful mountains of Mountain Mission School in Grundy, Virginia. I am graduating in 2018 with a Bachelor degree in Computer Science at Liberty University. I love God, kids, and ideas specifically in that order. I love helping people, especially international students and listening to different cultural rituals and traditional practices.

Graduate Student Ambassadors

Paul Okojie

Home Country: Nigeria

Major: Public Health: Epidemiology 

Bio: My name is Paul West Okojie, a first-year graduate student, studying for a master's degree in public health (epidemiology concentration). I am from Benin City, Nigeria, and I have my wife, Sonia and four children (Peace, Paul Jr, Pryse, and Pia). I chose Liberty University because I wanted a school that teaches the application of principles of faith, prayer, love, and compassion in training students to become future leaders and influencers to help us do more for God and humanity. You are welcome to be a part of the family. This is the place to be!


Tyago Franca

Home Country: Brazil

Major: Worship Studies 

Bio: My name is Tyago França and I'm from Brazil! I'm pursuing a master’s degree in Worship Studies here at Liberty University. The Bible tells us that God's thoughts and ways are far beyond anything we can imagine, so I can assure you that what is happening to my life right now is part of His plan. Back home, I was a worship leader in my church, and when it comes to my academic journey, I graduated in International Relations. I always loved music, world cultures, and different languages. I believe God called me to ministry, but I remember struggling to understand how to do both without walking away from my calling and also having a basis to build my life. God opened the doors for me to come to Liberty, and it was one of the wisest decisions I could make because I found a place that provided what I wanted and needed. Liberty offered me a Christ-centered environment along with a great infrastructure for me to shape my skills and to open my eyes for the opportunities God would present me, as well as a really good community of brothers and sisters in Christ that you can count on whenever. I could keep telling you about the adventures of living in this place and all the possibilities for you to grow. However, I'll let you see for yourself. While we wait for you to arrive, prepare yourself because you will not be the same! God has great plans for you!


Bernice Dandeebo-Yeboah

Home Country: Ghana

Major: Business Administration: Project Management 

Bio: I am a Ghanaian and joined Liberty Spring 2018, pursuing an MBA Project Management at Liberty School of Business. I have extensive experience in Software Systems development and technology for development working with UNICEF Ghana and Ghana Technology University College. I chose Liberty University because it offers the academic environment and resources for professional development and career growth with its qualified faculty and staff. The Christian foundation Liberty provides enables students to find their God-given purpose and helps them to focus on making a reflective impact in their generation.


Cathereen Minja

Home Country: Tanzania

Major: Business Administration: Accounting 

Bio: My name is Cathereen Minja, and my country of origin is Tanzania. I enjoy, cooking, traveling, and learning new things, like a new language or coding! I am currently pursuing my MBA in Accounting, and in my first semester. I have previously attended Liberty University and received my bachelor’s degree in finance and economics. I chose Liberty because I knew I would get the Christian foundation and principles integrated into my area of study. It’s amazing to get such an opportunity in life. The community at the University and life lessons I have gathered here will always be beneficial to me and those around me. Hope you make the most of your time here at Liberty and enjoy!


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