Graduate School

Current Students

Faculty Advisors for Residential Graduate Students

Liberty University Online students should contact LUO Academic Advising for advising assistance.

Area of Study



College of Arts & Sciences

     M.A. Dr. Mark Harris
     M.A. Dr. Samuel Smith
     M.A. Dr. Ed Martin


School of Behavioral Sciences

 Counselor Education & Family Studies    
     New Student (contact for advisor) Lauren Laughlin
        Clinical Mental Health Dr. Jeanne Brooks
        Clinical Mental Health Dr. Denise Daniel
        Clinical Mental Health Dr. Nicole DiLella
        Clinical Mental Health    Dr. Fernando Garzon
        Clinical Mental Health Dr. Anita Knight
        Clinical Mental Health Dr. Joy Mwendwa
        Clinical Mental Health Dr. Melvin Pride
        Clinical Mental Health Dr. John Thomas
     Marriage and Family Dr. Victor Hinson
 Community Care & Counseling    
     Human Services A-H Dr. Clay Peters
     Human Services I-Z Dr. Fred Volk
     Pastoral Counseling A-H Dr. David Hirschman
     Pastoral Counseling I-Z Dr. Dwight Rice


School of Business

 Business Administration    
     M.B.A Dr. Anita Satterlee

School of Comm. & Creative Arts

     M.A. Dr. Cecil Kramer
 Strategic Communication    
     M.A. Dr. Stuart Schwartz
 Studio and Digital Arts    
     MFA Prof. Stacy Cannon


Rawlings School of Divinity

     M.A.C.M., M.R.E. Dr. Rod Dempsey
     M.Div. Dr. Kevin King
     M.A.R. Dr. Ben Forrest
     M.A.G.S. Dr. Don Fanning
     M.A.T.S. Dr. Dan Mitchell
     Th.M. Dr. Gary Yates
     M.A.C.A Dr. Chad Thornhill
 Korean Students    
     M.A.R., M.A.C.M., M.Div.,
     M.A.T.S., D.Min
Dr. Timothy Chong


School of Education

 Sport Management    
     Outdoor Adventure Sport Specialization Dr. Clark Zealand
     General or Sport Admin. Specialization Dr. Philip Blosser


School of Health Sciences

 Biomedical Sciences    
     M.S. Dr. Ben Kalu
  Dr. Jared Hornsby
 Public Health    
     M.P.H Global Health Dr. Richard Lane
     M.P.H Public Health Dr. James Florence
     M.P.H. Nutrition Dr. Kathryn Reinsma
     M.P.H. Nutrition Dr. Anna Henderson
     M.P.H. Epidemiology Dr. Oswald Attin
     M.P.H. Practicum Advising Mr. Jonathon Giles


School of Music

 Music and Worship    
     M.A. Dr. Doug Crawley
 Music Education    
     M.A. Dr. John Kinchen
 Worship Studies    
     M.A. Prof. Paul Randlett


School of Nursing

  D.N.P Amanda Runions