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General Education Guidelines

2019-20 Approved General Education Courses

General education classes (Gen. Ed.) provide you with a strong foundation as you advance through your degree program. Classes are chosen from the university’s approved general education course listing.

The general education component of your degree consists of college-level courses that:

  • Are based on a coherent rationale
  • Are a substantial component of each undergraduate degree
  • Ensure breadth of knowledge

The number of gen. ed. courses you are required is determined by the level of degree you are pursuing:

  • Associate degrees require 15 semester hours of general education courses
  • Bachelor degrees require 30 semester hours of general education courses

These credit hours must include at least one course from each of the following areas:

  • Humanities/Fine Arts (HFA)
  • Social/Behavioral Sciences (SBS)
  • Natural Science/Mathematics (NMS)

These courses provide a broad overview of each discipline and will help you develop as a well-rounded student. 

For questions regarding course equivalency, view our Transfer Equivalency Guides.

Rules/Principles for Approval of General Education Courses

  • Required General Education courses must be general
    • General education courses must be open to students of all majors, without heavy loads of prerequisite requirements.
    • Courses must not be reducible to a narrow or focused skill (e.g., guitar lessons cannot substitute for Music Appreciation).
    • Courses must contribute to preparing students for a breadth of degree programs/careers.
  • General Education courses contribute to the university’s plan to ensure that students satisfy certain Core Competencies.

In the event that a 300 or 400 level course is required to fulfill a requirement as a general education course, it must not be considered part of any major/program requirements. (Foundational courses are acceptable, however).

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