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School of Music Scholarships

The Liberty University School of Music (SOM) is pleased to offer an exciting scholarship initiative for music performance, music and worship, music education, and ethnomusicology undergraduate and graduate students. The SOM has long recognized that students studying in our programs are unique in that they view what they do as being obedient to a greater calling – God's calling. 

In order to be considered for a School of Music Scholarship, students must complete either an in-person or video Placement Audition in their respective Center:

We recognize that God is leading to the SOM exceptionally talented young men and women. These are bright, gifted servants seeking to develop their skills and talents for career opportunities as professional musicians in various places of service:

  • at home and abroad
  • in bands and orchestras
  • on stage and in the studio
  • in folk groups and ethnic ensembles
  • as filmmakers & music technologists
  • as music educators & worship leaders
  • as soloists & conductors
  • as songwriters and artists

In many cases, students have spent years developing their skills … sacrificing time, energy and resources … seeking to shape and craft their talent so that God receives the glory, praise, and honor.

A series of scholarships have been developed in recognition of these wonderfully gifted students. In some cases – as with scholarships for the junior, senior or graduate students – we want to say, "job well done." With other scholarships, we are looking to invest in the lives of in-coming musicians as they serve and perform in the marching band, chamber ensembles, praise bands, and various public relations teams.

God has blessed the Liberty University SOM with strategic and significant donors that capture the same vision for investing in the lives of future musicians as we do. We thank these gracious, unselfish partners for making these scholarships possible. 

What follows are important guidelines on how the SOM students can be part of this essential and growing program. God bless you as you explore the possibilities of partnering with us as we seek to Prepare Musicians as Champions for Christ.

Scholarships from the Liberty University School of Music (LUSOM) are competitive scholarships for music majors based on application and audition. New students interested in being considered for a scholarship will complete the online application and schedule an audition with the School of Music.

Visit the applicable Center Audition Page for detailed information on how to schedule and prepare for an audition:

An on-campus or video audition is required to qualify for a School of Music scholarship. Auditions are held during College for a Weekend (CFAW) events, scheduled four times each academic year, or by appointment. Students awarded a scholarship from the LUSOM will be notified directly by the Dean’s office of the School of Music (not the Admissions Office) in mid-to-late March.

Qualifications for School of Music Scholarships

Scholarship Release from Current School
Transfer applicants only

Students must obtain a letter of release from their current school before being considered for a scholarship at the Liberty University School of Music per National Association of Schools of Music (NASM) stipulation. Most schools will provide students with their own letter of release form upon request.

Liberty University Scholarships/Financial Aid

Information about University-wide scholarships (scholarships that are not specifically for music students) and other types of financial assistance is available through the following links:

How Scholarships Work With Financial Aid

Liberty University School of Music scholarships are considered financial aid, just as grants, work-study, and loans; however, they are "departmental" awards based on your Music Scholarship Application and Audition, and are awarded independently of any "need-based" awards received from the Financial Aid Office. Federal and state financial aid programs require that students not receive financial aid in excess of one's cost of education, which includes living expenses. Need-based aid, such as grants and subsidized loans, must remain within a student's financial need as determined by the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Scholarships are factored into financial need assessments. Students who receive private donor or Liberty University School of Music scholarships should inform the Office of Student Financial Services of these awards when they receive their award letters. A student's need-based financial aid may be revised because of the departmental scholarship awards he or she is receiving from the Liberty University School of Music. This includes tuition exemptions and waivers.

Student Scholarship Award Guidelines

Recipients shall be selected by the Liberty University School of Music Scholarship Committee based on the following criteria: musicianship, scholarship, financial need (according to the standards of the department of student accounts at Liberty University), and walk with God. Recommendations by the School of Music faculty are also to be considered. 

Basic Qualifications

Any recipient of a Liberty University School of Music Scholarship must meet the following basic qualifications:

  1. Students must be in full-time status (enrolled in at least 12 credit hours for qualifying semesters) and degree candidates at the Liberty University School of Music.
  2. All recipients must be professing Christians.
  3. All potential recipients must submit an application in a form acceptable to the Liberty University School of Music Scholarship Committee.
  4. Maintain good academic standing during the term of award.
  5. Recipients shall reimburse the School of Music Scholarship Fund the amount of any unused portion of the awarded scholarship.

Scholarship Renewals

Liberty University School of Music scholarships are one-year awards. Students may reapply for available scholarships each academic year.

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