Digital Media & Communication Arts


Student Opportunities

Demand for Communication Graduates

Digital Media & Communication Arts is exploding! With the boom of the Internet, we've broadened our instructional base into "digital" (in addition to the print, video, and audio foundation we had).

Employers in broadcasting, graphic design, web design, Internet advertising and public relations/identity awareness, web publishing, e-zines, e-newspapers, churches, missions, government and political organizations are looking for Digital Media & Communication Arts graduates.

Do you want to work in any of these settings?

  • television or radio station
  • newsroom
  • newspaper
  • website development and maintenance facility, department or Internet service provider
  • graphic design studio, department, or business
  • record company
  • 'new media' production house
  • full-service printing company
  • advertising agency or department
  • public relations department or firm
  • speech-making organization
  • speech-writing department
  • media sales
  • policy-making organization
  • lobbyist agency
  • governmental agency
  • service bureau
  • publishing house (book, magazine, etc.)
  • policy-making organization
  • other media creation or production facility