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Summer 2016 Registration

How Do I Register for Classes?

Current Resident Students

  • Online Registration Schedule:
    • Feburary 4th  Registration opens for NCAA Athletes
    • February 5th  Registration opens for all current resident students
  • Manual Registration After April 29th, students may still register for open courses but will be required to do so either in person or by contacting the Student Service Center. Payment will be required at the time of registration.
  • Registration in person or on the phone can be done at any time during regular business hours by either going to the Student Service Center in Campus North or calling (434) 592-5100 to speak with a representative. 

Independent Study courses, Internships and other courses that require special approval typically are not classes that can be registered for online as well as some academic programs that have system restrictions preventing online registration. 

Incoming Students

If you wish to take a few courses over the summer through Liberty, we would love to have you! You should first contact Resident Admissions at or (800) 543-5317 to register for Summer School.  Once you have been accepted for the summer or fall term, contact the Student Service Center at (434) 592-5100 for assistance with registration for these summer courses. You will need to complete Financial Check-in for these courses, as well.

Prospective Resident Students

If you are not currently enrolled as a Liberty University student and would like to be, or if you simply wish to take a few courses over the Summer through Liberty, we would love to have you! First complete your online application, then once you are admitted, contact the Student Service Center at 434-592-5100 for assistance with making payment and getting registered for summer classes.

Liberty Online Students

Please check the Liberty Online intensive webpage  or contact your academic advisor for deadlines and registration information.