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Biomechanics & Motion Analysis Lab

Biomechanics Lab

Get Hands-On Experience with Biomechanical Equipment

The Biomechanics & Motion Analysis Laboratory is designed for teaching and research in multiple disciplines in the Department of Allied Health Professions. 

Gain hands-on experience using a wide range of biomechanical tools used to analyze human movement. Perform research projects in the lab as part of your degree requirements:

  • Biomechanics Lab (EXSC 351)
  • Advanced Biomechanics Lab (EXSC 551)

Biomechanical & Motion Analysis Lab Director

Dr. David Titcomb

Dr. Titcomb is a licensed physical therapist and also holds certifications in Exercise Physiology, Dartfish (video analysis) technology, and Functional Movement Screening. He is a member of the Christian Medical and Dental Association, American Physical Therapy Association, American College of Sports Medicine, American Society of Biomechanics, and the International Society for Biomechanics in Sports.

  • Equipment
    • 10 Vicon 3D Motion Capture System Cameras
    • 4 AMTI In-ground Force Plates for 3D Kinetic Analysis
    • AMTI Instrumented Treadmill
    • Delsys Trigno 16 Channel Wireless EMG/Accelerometry
    • Dartfish 2D Video Analysis Workstations
    • Biodex Balance Systems
    • Biodex Unweighted Treadmill
    • Tekscan Matscan Pressure Mat
    • Jump Mats
    • Tendo Units
    • FMS Movement Screening Kits
  • Research Capabilities
    • 2D and 3D High-Speed Video Analysis of Sport and Exercise Technique
    • Enhancement of Strength and Conditioning Technique and Power Development
    • Coordination of Movement Patterns
    • Injury Prevention of Athletes
    • Running Mechanics and Gait Analysis
    • Movement Screening and Corrective Exercise Prescription
    • Performance Enhancement of Liberty University NCAA and Club Sports Athletics
  • Undergraduate & Graduate Research Projects

    Undergraduate Research

    • Bouton, J (2019). The Impact of Power Training on Balance and Visual Feedback Removal.
    • Rogers, J., Titcomb, D. (2017). Comparison of Lower Extremity Joint Reaction Forces During Barefoot Running Utilizing Rearfoot vs. Forefoot Initial Strike Pattern.
    • Titcomb, D., Nelson, B., Dahl, K., Dorholt, M., DeCeglie, S., Kelly, P., and Schoffstall, J. (2013). The Effects of Stretching on Vertical Jump. Presented at the Southeastern Chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine Regional Conference.
    • Lease, J. M., Schoffstall, J. E., Titcomb, D. A., and Norman, T. L. (2013). A Comparison of the Electromyography Response of the Regular Push-up vs. the Ring Push-up. Presented at the Southeastern Chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine Regional Conference.

    Graduate Research

    • Lowell, R. Roper, J., McCarthy, A., Nelson, H., Philips, M., Frech, A., Blackley, M., de Moors, P., Sullivan, P., Ziebell, B., Hornsby, J., Simpson, J., Titcomb, D., Bosak, A. (2019). The Effects of Ankle Taping on Double Leg Balance after Plyometric Exercises. Presented at the 2019 Southeastern Chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine Conference, Greenville, SC.
    • Lowell, R., Titcomb, D. (2019) Correlation of 2-Dimensional Analysis of the Modified Landing Error Scoring System (LESS) and a Deceleration Task.
    • Warr, L., Titcomb, D. (2019) A Comparison of Functional Improvements in Parkinson's Disease Patients: The Effects of Treadmill vs Free Walking Intervention.
    • Blackley, A. (2019). The Influence of Ankle Flexibility on Athletic Single-Leg Balance Test.
    • Ray, T., Titcomb, D. (2018). The Effects of Aerobic Fatigue Testing (Beep Test) on Three-Dimensional Kinetics During Drop-Jump Landings.
    • Clary, D., Titcomb, D. (2018). The Effects of Foam Rolling on Running Gait Patterns.
    • Martin, C., Titcomb, D. (2017). Functional Comparison of Three Forms of Exercise Utilized for Flexibility Enhancement: Reactive Neuromuscular Training vs Static Stretching vs Dynamic Stretching Prescriptions.
    • Feister, J., Titcomb, D. (2017). Evaluating FMS Performance and Injury Visibility in NCAA Division I Football Players

    Additional Biomechanical Research

    • Titcomb, D. (2015). A Comparison of Electromyographic Responses of the Hamstring Musculature During Seated vs. Prone Hamstring Curls. Presented at the 2015 Southeast American College of Sports Medicine Meeting, Jacksonville, FL
    • Titcomb, D. Blais, M., Lane, R. (2012). Use of Tekscan Matscan® to Detect Static Rearfoot Position Through Evaluation of Rearfoot Pressure. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 44(5): S713.
    • Titcomb, D. (2011). Midfoot Plantar Pressure: A Comparison Between Subjects With and Without Chronic Pain, Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise 43(5): S256. 
    • Schoffstall, J. E., Titcomb, D., and Kilbourne, B. F. (2010). Electromyographic Response of the Abdominal Musculature to Varying Abdominal Exercises. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research 24(12): 3422-3426.
    • Schoffstall, J., Titcomb, D., and Kilbourne, B. (2010). Electromyographic Response of the Abdominal Musculature to the Abdominal Crunch Exercise Utilizing the Hollowing Maneuver. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 42(5): S207.


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