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Honors Seminars

Below is a list of the Honors Seminars offered during the semester. Many of these seminars are recurring. For a glance into the structure of a typical Honors Seminar, read a brief Honors Seminar Description.

Course Title


Old Testament Life and Literature Dr. Fowler
Old Testament Life and Literature Dr. Hartman
New Testament Life and Literature Prof. Love
Principles of Biology Dr. Sattler
Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab Dr. Sharp
General Biology I Dr. Sattler
Introduction to Business Prof. Ehrhorn
General Chemistry I Dr. Richardson
Introduction to Criminal Justice Dr. Cox
Speech Communication Dr. Faith Mullen
Speech Communication TBA
Computing Foundations and Ethics Dr. Tucker
Composition and Rhetoric Prof. Rowlette
Composition and Literature Dr. Baggett
Composition and Literature Dr. Nutter
American Literature I Dr. Harris
English Literature I Dr. Curtis
World Literature I Dr. Woodard
Introduction to Engineering and Problem Solving Prof. Rich
Evangelism and Christian Life Dr. Hirschman
Constitutional Government and Free Enterprise Dr. Metallo
American Government Dr. Martin
Greek Grammar I Prof. Connor
Greek Grammar II TBA
Survey of American History I Dr. Smith
Quantitative Research Methods Dr. Gadomski
Senior Honors Thesis  Dr. Nutter
Senior Honors Thesis Dr. Ayres
Humanities in Western Culture Dr. Babcock
Introduction to Probability and Statistics Dr. Van Voorhis
Philosophy and Contemporary Ideas Dr. Beck
Philosophy and Contemporary  Ideas Dr. Foreman
General Psychology Dr. Magnuson
Developmental Psychology Dr. Magnuson
Developmental Psychology  Dr. Magnuson
Introduction to Sociology Dr. Freyre
Elementary Spanish II Dr. Towles
Theology Survey I Dr. Morrison
Theology Survey II Dr. Borland