LiveText Field Experience

The Department of Counselor Education and Family studies currently has the following policy regarding LiveText:

Students on the 60-hour Professional Counseling degree completion plan are required to purchase and activate LiveText with Field Experience as part of their materials for Counseling Practicum (COUN/CMHC 698) and Counseling Internship (COUN/CMHC 699). LiveText is used for students to log their hours and for approved supervisors to complete evaluations of the students’ counseling skills.

LiveText is a one-time only purchase that is good for five years. Once purchased, LiveText must be activated to ensure placement. Students do not need to purchase and activate LiveText a second time for Counseling Internship (COUN/CMHC 699) if they have purchased it for Counseling Practicum (COUN/CMHC 698) or an earlier class. Please understand there will be negative implications if students do not purchase LiveText.

Note: LiveText is not a requirement for students in non-WebEx sections of Counseling Practicum (COUN 698)/Counseling Internship (COUN 699). If you purchase LiveText and do not need it, you will be unable to receive a refund.

How to Create a LiveText Account

  • Purchasing LiveText Online
  • Purchasing LiveText from the online bookstore (MBS Direct)
    • Go to, click on Register Account, and follow the procedures.
    • Make sure to type the key code correctly. The key code is case sensitive.
  • Note:
    • Make sure to choose Liberty University for university section.
    • Use your Liberty University email address as your primary email.
    • Use your Liberty University ID
      • Be sure to include the "L" and "0" (zeros) at the beginning of your 8-digit student ID.
    • Please remember your LiveText username and password. Both username and password are case sensitive.

Helpful Information

LiveText Training Video Tutorial


Documents for LiveText

LiveText Lingo

  • Student: Any user within LiveText that purchased a student membership; (Student) will appear next to their name when logged in.
  • Intern: This refers to the student in the Counseling Practicum (COUN/CMHC 698) or Counseling Internship (COUN/CMHC 699) course. The DCEFS understands that the “intern” may be in either Practicum or Internship.
  • Site-Supervisor: May be on-site or off-site and is sometimes referred to as "mentor"
  • Faculty-Supervisor: Faculty Member
  • Placement Coordinator: Liberty University Department of Counselor Education and Family Studies staff member in charge of coordinating LiveText
  • Technical Support: LiveText Technical Support Department (not located at Liberty University)
  • Internship: The fieldwork experience course in which the student is placed.
  • Placement: The placing of a student with their site & site-supervisor.
  • Shared Workspace: the Placement Details tab of the Field Experience portion of LiveText. The intern, site-supervisor, faculty-supervisor and Placement Coordinator all have access to this portion of LiveText.


LiveText Field Experience

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(434) 592-4049

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