Research Assistance

Department Specific Information

School of Education

Prerequisites for School of Education Applicants

The School of Education has asked the IRB not to review School of Education doctoral candidates' research applications until the following have occurred:

  • Candidates have successfully defended their dissertation proposals.
  • The proposed study has been reviewed by research consultants.

IRB review will not begin until after both requirements are met. Researchers who submit IRB applications prior to the completion of the prerequisites will be informed of the requirements and instructed to contact their faculty advisors.

Applying to the IRB

Researcher Training

Prior to receiving IRB approval, researchers will need to complete Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) training. Please click on the link provided below for more information about CITI:

Permission and Consent

Gaining permission from schools or other necessary entities to conduct research at their facilities or functions and obtaining informed consent are two very different processes. Please review the following page for more information:

Conditional Approval & Permission from Schools

Sometimes officials will not provide needed permission letters until a researcher has received IRB approval, but the IRB can't provide complete approval until we've received all necessary permission letters. Don't worry; there's a procedure for this circumstance. Please read the information provided below:

What Not to Submit

It is not necessary to submit your abstract or proposal draft to the IRB when you submit your research documents.