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Thursday, April 23, 2009 Engineering Student Receives Scholarship


MAJOR: Computer Engineering
CLASS: Sophomore
HIGHLIGHT: Air Force ROTC Cadet & Scholarship recipient

Bruce is a sophomore, Air Force ROTC Cadet working on a Bachelors degree in computer engineering.

His background is somewhat unique. Bruce comes from an Air Force family. His home school education gave him unique challenges and opportunities.

While in high school, he began thinking about his future career options. Bruce decided to attend a community college to get his traditional education started.
It was while attending community college that Bruce began to seriously look at Liberty University.

After three semesters of community college, Bruce began the next chapter of his college career as a member of the Fall ’08 Liberty freshman class.

Upon arrival, he immediately enrolled in to the Liberty Air Force Reserve Officer Training Program and was accepted into Liberty’s newly established Computer Engineering program. As he began to settle into the Liberty environment, he began working as a Lab Assistant in the School of Engineering Labs.

As the Spring ’09 semester started, Bruce applied for candidacy in the Arnold Air Society, a professional, honorary, service organization advocating the support of aerospace power.

Bruce was recently accepted into the society, and was awarded a three-year ROTC scholarship.

Bruce stated, “I really appreciate Liberty’s focus on morality and Biblical principles. I also highly value the friendships I have made here at school. Liberty University is an excellent organization.”

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