Katelynn Stein (2011)

Major: Web Tech & Computer Science (2011)

The National Civil War Chaplain’s Museum website was developed by a donor to help promote the chaplaincy during the Civil War.  For the past two semesters, Katelynn has been contributing to the site, fulfilling her Christian service. 

The site utilizes WordPress, making it quite easy to maintain the content. Katelynn has been working on updating the content and features of the site, as well as making enhancements behind the scenes. "Since this is a living site, I have been responsible for maintaining the graphics and updating new content.  I use Photoshop, (which I learned in VCAR 350), to advertise different events held either at the museum or at Liberty."

"I have been updating the HTML and CSS (learned in ISYS 310) to add features to different pages in the site.  For instance, we have added videos to the site.  I have also added Twitter and Facebook icons to the layout.  Both of these elements required me some custom coding in PHP.  Throughout this process I’ve learned a lot about how WordPress works with templates and how it manages content."

Katelynn was the lead designer for EimiMag, an online girl’s magazine (http://eimimag.com/).  This site is being developed with a custom content management system for this magazine as part of her ISYS 470 class.  This CMS will allow writers for the magazine to upload their own articles and photos.  With this, it will allow editors to post edits to articles, and photographers to upload and manage their images.  This system will integrate my HTML and CSS knowledge, as well as my PHP, MySQL, and database management knowledge (learned in CSCI 325).

Elisabeth Travis (2011)

Major: Information Systems

Elisabeth Travis is graduating senior studying Information Systems at Liberty University. She grew up in a Christian home in which her parents moved around quite a bit before Elisabeth was born in Stuttgart, Germany. The Army family eventually settled in Montclair, VA which Elisabeth considers her hometown. “At first,” she said, “admittedly, I chose Liberty because my boyfriend (soon to be husband) went [there]; however, I quickly realized the incredible blessing I had been given.” Elisabeth believes she truly stepped out to own her faith in her first few semesters, during which she changed her major four times, finally settling on Information Systems.

Originally, she was a Kinesiology major, but her first internship with the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) sparked a desire for IT Project Management. She chose Information Systems because she wanted a solid background in information technology.

The Information Systems degree at Liberty offers a mixture of business and technology, and provided the freedom of taking many classes in some very interesting topics. "I did not have strong technical background, but the professors have always helped motivate her to meet every challenge head-on."  This truly paid off the next few summers as Elisabeth went to work for DISA.

The first time Elisabeth applied at DISA, her father helped her get the position; however, she had to prove herself once she got through the door. She realized that her career probably would exist somewhere in the realm of technology and immediately changed her major to Management Information Systems soon after returning to Liberty for the Fall 2009 semester. "After that first summer, I had to apply again (at DISA) and compete for my position. Elizabeth returned to DISA four more times prior to graduation.

At DISA, her supervisor gave her the unofficial title of Program Analyst; basically, “…I dabbled in a lot of different areas.” She spent the first two internships learning a great deal about the organization and its processes.

Her job functions changed throughout her time with DISA, but the final stint was working with the contractor support of her divisions centering on performance issues. Her role was to facilitate solution-based discussions between contractors and government employees. "I spent a lot of time documenting this issues."

She was also tasked with New Employee Procedures documentation for her branch. This helped the organization ease new employee’s into the agency.

"The School of Engineering and Computational Sciences at Liberty gave me the necessary skills to complete my duties at DISA.  My Systems Analysis/Design and Networking classes helped me to understand the many functions of my role at DISA. MY classes helped me to see my future as a program manager."

Her experience has been in the field of IT Project Management, and is pursing this career field.

Liberty has given her the tools to be successful out of college. "The support provided by my professors and staff have been invaluable to my success so far."

“If you want to truly discipled by professors who are  passionate about their belief in Christ, and excited about what they’re teaching, then Liberty University Engineering is the right place for you.  The Liberty University School of Engineering and Computational Sciences will provide you with the Christ-centered tools to be successful in your career field, while growing your faith, and building lasting relationships."

Joseph House (2011)

Major: Industrial Engineering

Joseph House is a 2011 Industrial Engineering senior.  He started his college career started in Mechanical Engineering at the Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Florida.  His interest in Mechanical Engineering center around the basics of design and safety.  After some time at FIT , he began to look at other schools.  He came across Liberty University, which seemed like a great option for him especially helping him to stay focused.  Upon his arrival, Liberty kicked off a new School of Engineering. 

Coming from FIT, he was able to transfer in as a Sophomore.  Since Liberty did not have a Mechanical Engineering program, he opted for Industrial Engineering.  He quickly found his niche with the program.  The core competence of industrial engineers is to design, redesign, develop and enhance products for many purposes.  "I really enjoyed the way numbers worked here.  My classes challenged me to see how businesses worked and the challenges that they face each day."  We used industry leading s and be of how Industrial Engineering fit in to global business.  The classes simulations for supply chains, forecasting, statistics, and the steps in manufacturing Joseph felt he was ready to learn from real life experience.

During his senior year in the engineering program he applied to AMTI. AMTI is a manufacturing facility local to Lynchburg.  AMTI was founded by a group of engineers from Ericsson and now are in the top fifty for countries fastest growing manufacturing facilities. 

Joseph career goal is manage an engineering consulting firm by the time he is twenty-five.

Joseph is currently an engineer with AMTI in Lynchburg, VA.


Katrina Crosson (2011)

Major: Industrial Engineering

Katrina started her college career studying mechanical engineering in Michigan.  Throughout her two years in there, she felt that there were several shortfall within her program and began searching for a new school.

She learned about the growing engineering school at Liberty University and was immediately interested, specifically because it was a private Evangelical-Christian institution. Her father took her on a road trip to Lynchburg, VA where she fell in love with the true Christian atmosphere and personal attention from professors.

"The School of Engineering at Liberty has an incredible faculty. They personally see each student as an investment, and not just a paying customer.  In contrast to my last school, the classes focused on high ethical values, more hands-on, and based on industry demands."

"I was amazed with the value system at Liberty and its commitment to volunteering within the local community." This value became paramount to Katrina’s internship because it helped her meet the president of AMTI.

"My engineering professors had real world experience. Because of their blend of real world and academic knowledge, I felt prepared for my internship at AMTI.  My workstation design class with Professor Rich really has helped me with my work at AMTI. I learned how to optimize workstations and lay out factory floors. I understand what kind of layout AMTI uses and how that differs from others in industry."

Beyond work, her classes have helped her manage her daily task. At AMTI, her primary function is to quote labor on new circuit boards. Her team receives the blueprints for the circuit boards developed by AMTI and they work together to quote the labor on their product.

"AMTI has been a fantastic experience for me. I have gained valuable  knowledge and relationships."

After graduation, Katrina plans to return to Michigan and, perhaps, work in the state’s automotive industry.

Kartina also is a student worker within the School of Engineering.  She is a daytime supervisor providing support for the faculty and labs within the school.

"Katrina is a great example of the caliber of students the School of Engineering is turning out. She is a passionate, hard worker who is always leading others. The School of Engineering is proud to have students like Katrina."


Jacob Pryor (2011)

Major: Electrical Engineering

Jacob was always fascinated by electronics, and how they have improved and changed the way we live. It came as no surprise when he decided to pursue an Electrical Engineering degree.

“I wanted a degree where I could combine my math skills with my interest in electronics,” and that’s just what he found in Liberty University.

Jacob looked for a school where he could study his passion while learning in a Christian environment.

Liberty offered this environment, as well as professors who have been established in their industry for years; bringing practical experience to the classroom.

Jacob began his studies within the School of Engineering in 2007 where he excelled in the classroom and as a leader among his peers. During his time at Liberty, he worked for the School of Engineering and Computational Sciences as an Electrical Engineering Lab Assistant under direction from Scott Pleasants.

Upon graduation Jacob planned had planned to return home and find a job where he could apply his engineering and leadership skills. Knowing graduation was fast approaching, Jacob started applying for both jobs and internships in the Hagerstown, MD area.

In Spring 2011, Jacob was offered a position at Volvo, formally Mack Truck. Jacob will be working as a Quality Control Engineer. This job will allow him to use his practical experience gained at Liberty to excel in his career. His job duties will involve inspecting parts and vehicles that are received under warranty to look for common breakdowns and offer suggestion on how these breakdowns can be avoided.

Jacob started at Volvo in May, 2011.