Journals/ Research

Case studies pertaining to accreditation issues in higher education

 Contemporary teaching methods and current pedagogical issues

Dedicated to the presentation of theories of effective instruction

Educational studies

Disseminates information on the teaching of accounting

Dedicated to the improvement of teacher education

Theories of action learning

Advancing adult and continuing education

Theoretical issues and practical implications involving health science education

Identifying advances in physiology education

South African educational journal

Canadian based educational journal

Journal focusing on teaching biology at all educational levels

Featuring educational studies and issues

Publishing studies and relevant topics in educational studies

Scholarly publication of issues in teaching health

Relaying relevant developments in public health

Studies, issues, and news regarding psychology

Examining all issues and developments in secondary education

Using anthropological theories and methods to examine educational processes

Presenting the latest environmental developments in the field of education

Invites scholarly submissions concerning any dimension of argumentation studies

Promoting art education through professional development

Focusing on arts and media-based subjects, and encompassing all areas of higher education

focuses on educational policy in the Pacific Rim

Latest research on education, development and other issues in an Asian context

Promoting the multi-disciplinary field of technology for people with disabilities

Journal for astronomy and space science education

Focuses on issues of contemporary concern in education

Journal dealing with bilingual education and language in education

Publishes literary works, scholarship, and art books by or about U.S. Hispanics

Issues in biochemistry and molecular biology

Overview of current research in biology

Promoting learning within the biosciences discipline

Journal dedicated to publishing case studies and innovations in education

Educational research, accounts of research in progress, and book reviews

Promotes and reports research and scholarship in religious education

Publishes scholarly essays concerning all aspects of education

Articles confronting problems related to the contamination of our environment

Publishes articles in business education and educational methods

Journal concerned with advancing business education

Publishes articles on business and business related disciplines

Qualitative research in business and business issues

Journal concerned with the advancement of business teacher education

Publishes original refereed articles on all aspects of education

This journal publishes issues on early, lifelong, and Francophone education

Promotes debates on problems of educational practice and policy

Journal seeking to further the study and practice of environmental education

Promotes research with international and comparative dimensions

Seeks to promote the theory and practice of program evaluation in Canada

Publishes articles concerning continuing education

Publishes peer-reviewed articles on second language learning and teaching

Publishes research in vocational/career and technical education

Exchange of ideas surrounding the area of career development

The official journal of the Catholic Library Association

Considers the future of English as a subject in the context of its history

Focuses on issues in the teaching of chemical engineering

 Journal in the field of children`s spoken and written language needs

Promotes children’s education and development

CLE is a peer-reviewed journal covering children's literature worldwide

Provides practical and scholarly information about choral music and its performance

Strengthening the conception and practice of Christian education

Publishes contributions on all aspects of Greek and Roman civilization

Focuses on research organized to promote learning

Offers articles on teaching and administration in middle and high schools

Linguistics and phonetics of disorders of speech and language
Focuses on issues in college communication
Issues in the teaching of English in higher education

Focuses on issues in college mathematics

Quarterly journal on higher education

Invites social science research on communication in instructional contexts

Publishes scholarship focused centrally on human communication processes

Studying effective techniques for communication education

Analyzes educational issues in national, international, and global contexts

Investigates education and the social, economic, and political forces that shape it

Exchange of ideas in composition education

Journal for communication in the use of all forms of computing

Journal for the field of educational computing

Journal concerning conflict resolution and negotiation

Publishes new research on young children and their families

Publishes research that contributes to an understanding of music education

Research in music education

Journal that focuses on critical discourse and research in language matters

Journal solely devoted to sociology of education

Publishes debates on educational policy and comparative studies

Journal studies spanning and focuses on disparate language policy

Journal dedicated to the study of educational research, development, evaluation, and theory

UK Journal focusing on the improvement of education

Journal concentrates on the education and development of deaf individuals

Journal analyzes early childhood education

Journal concerned with the development of children

Publishes empirical research in the field of early childhood education

Publishes on all issues associated with early childhood education and care

Devotes special attention to issues in the field of early childhood education

This journal features innovations in teaching and learning

Examines education through a philosophical, historical, and cultural approach

Focuses on educational techniques for developmental disabilities

Publishes recent developments and research in services for children

China's premier educational journal; international scope

Australian journal of education; international in scope

ERI publishes articles dealing with all aspects of education

ER publishes reviews of recently published educational books

ET&S features articles concerning technology developments in education

Journal publishes articles examining contemporary Middle Eastern issues

EK&T examines the interaction between education, business, and the economy

EAR attempts to connect teachers with the latest educational research

EF publishes articles which examine educational foundations disciplines

Online journal that investigates teaching and learning

California Association of Professors of Educational Administration journal

Australasian educational journal; international in scope

Indian online educational journal; international in scope

National Foundation for Educational Research's journal

International education journal based in the Netherlands

Educational journal primarily focused on meta-analytic and narrative reviews

American Educational Research Association's journal

English educational journal which focuses on international educational issues

Publishes original investigations and theoretical studies in education

Solicits articles which present major developments in mathematical education

Encourages theoretical discussions of problems within education

EJLTS seeks solutions for literacy for first and second language learners

EJSE publishes articles related only to science education issues

ESJ publishes articles on elementary and middle school education

Educates readers on social, emotional, and behavioral difficulties

Journal focusing on improving international vocational training in education

Publishes both theoretical and research articles in support of English education

Journal welcomes articles and discussions which improve teaching

Online journal for ESP international community

Journal for improving Language Arts teachers in high and middle schools

Canadian journal which publishes articles in English language teaching

Publishes research articles and classroom narratives

Publishes research and practical efforts to achieve educational equality

Provides a forum for presenting research and scholarship in special education

Publishes research and scholarly reviews in F&CS education

Emphasizes research with implications for intervention, education, and policy

Dedicated to the advancement of language teaching and learning

Documents the best thinking and innovative programming in studying abroad

Publishes articles about giftedness and talent development

Offers timely information about teaching and presenting gifted children

Publishes any position on any topic related to global education

Indian journal which publishes research in teacher education and management

Scholarly journal of opinion and research in education

Journal helps disseminate good practice in health education

Publishes empirical research and commentary on critical health issues

Publishes authoritative papers on health promotion and health education

Advances knowledge of heritage language education

This journal provides a forum for scholarship in the history of education

Publishes articles on the history of education, including childhood and family

Journal devoted to the teaching of history in the secondary classroom

Publishes on topics of concern involving Honors programs

HLT deals with the "nuts and bolts" of language teaching

Theory and practices in electrical engineering

Presents innovative ideas of educational researchers worldwide

ELT seeks to improve language skills, oral communication and vocabulary

Reflects the most modern trends and researches in K-12 education

Focuses on infant social-emotional development and other related topics

Publishes articles on how best to inform clients using information technology

Promotes innovation and good practice in higher education

Seeks to package fresh ideas in higher education in a readable fashion

Highlights the work of postsecondary faculty

Provides the most up-to-date information in the field of learning disabilities

Investigates the nature, theory, and practice of the instructional process

Aims to provide the widest possible coverage of developments in e-Learning

Open access journal for PBL articles

Studies the structure and meaning of language more specifically

Focuses on the theory, practice and research in coaching psychology

Focuses on education, training, and educational administration

Publishes on topics of elementary education, including educational models

Focuses on international health education promotion and technology

Devoted to the development of research and methods in mathematics education

Examines theories, methods and applications in education

Enables discussion amongst developers of higher education

Vehicle for articles, essays, and discussions on the scholarship of T&L

Publishes research in varying fields of academic and business management

Publishes articles on expertise about language and experience of language

Disseminates information on art or design issues

Publishes articles concerned with the application of AL to education

Journal for teaching and education of the humanities

Promotes theoretical and applied research into bilingual education

Promotes the development of professional practice in community music

Provides critical perspectives on advanced information and communication

Focuses on the education and development of persons with disabilities

Discussions and applications of open and distance learning

Provides articles spanning the wide variety of issues in doctoral studies

On topic publications of research, reviews, and theoretical articles

Interdisciplinary publication of original research and writing on education

Solicits articles on any of the various fields of aesthetics and arts education

Interdisciplinary publication of original research and writing on education

Issues in arts education

Solicits papers and proposals for special issues of IJER

Focuses on Environmental, Tech, and Science Education

Encourages the use of ePortfolio in educational settings

Publishes research from the fields of health promotion and education

Focuses on issues surrounding Hispanic education

Provides a multi-disciplinary dialog on inclusive education

Issues in IT and communication education

Focuses on education of information systems and operations management

Presents current practices and trends in the area of innovation and learning

Promotes international dialog on innovations in education

Publishes high quality studies in all areas of learning-instruction issues

Provides precise information on the application of media to instructional needs

Fosters discussion on learning management and learning processes

Seeks to build a body of knowledge on the nature and future of learning

Covers the topics of organizational learning and knowledge management

For mathematicians and mathematics educators in higher education

Journal for scholars, practitioners, and students of multicultural education

Publishes worthy research articles concerning music education

Issues in nursing education

Focuses on issues and trends in pedagogies worldwide

Promotes dialog on current and future concepts of educational practice

Enhances the practice and theory of qualitative research in education

Furthers international discourse in educational methods

Seeks to promote educational research in all appropriate settings

Journal that explores multicultural science and mathematics education

Seeks to bridge the gap between research and science education practice

 Documents research and innovations of self-directed learning

Curriculum studies and history of social education at all levels

Contributes to knowledge on sport, recreation and competitive athletics

Publishes original research papers providing significant results

Focuses on issues affecting teaching and learning at colleges and universities

Advances knowledge and understanding of vocational education

Explores ways to improve learning and schooling for all children

Publishes quality research studies within the context of geographical education

Education and learning throughout life are an important concern of this journal

Provides practical, research-based ideas for students with learning disabilities

Scholarly journal for exchange of information in accounting education

Scholarly publishing of educational research

Encourages the collaboration of information technology professionals

Focused on the education of teachers from preparation to ongoing growth

Issues related to the college level preparation of future K-12 teachers

Communications information about the needs of gifted and talented children

Published to promote and disseminate issues in aesthetic education

Promotes and publishes issues in accounting education

Published for teachers of older learners

Promotes dialog among those involved in adult theological education

Supports and enhances advanced academic achievement for all students

Publishes scholarship on outdoor activities as media for learning

Clarifies the issues of aesthetic education in its most extensive meaning

Informed debate into pedagogic and related aspects of higher education

One stop resource for security research, education, and training programs

 Research and practice in the areas of dropout prevention and at-risk youth

Enhances communication among professionals in the quality of health care

Seeks to examine and evaluate research for autism and related disabilities

Concerns basic writing classroom practices and related theories

Focuses on career and technical education philosophy, theory, or practice

Publishes studies in educational situations from K-12 to higher education

Focuses on issues in chemical education

Explores issues of current concern in the field of children's literature

Observation techniques and research on student and teacher behavior

Advances scholarship on reading and writing at the postsecondary level

Journal published by the NSTA

Interexchange of information for computing in the sciences

Dedicated to the advancement of work-integrated learning

Publishes original contributions on all aspects of curriculum studies

Interdisciplinary journal of curriculum studies

Publishes research and practice in early childhood teacher education

Focuses on early intervention for infants and young children with special needs

Offers original articles on teaching economics

Publishes case studies into economics or economic education

Publishes the latest research in all areas of education

Explores the interaction between Christian beliefs and all aspects of education

Publishes articles within the disciplines of education and vocational research

Focuses on issues for teaching business

Supports scholarly inquiry in library and information science education

Exclusively focused on improving the education of students placed at risk

Features the emerging field of education for sustainable development

Covers applied and theoretical approaches to the study of education

Focuses on the arena of educational research

Publishes original, primary, psychological research pertaining to education

Publishes meaningful education research initiatives and policy analysis

Concerned with cutting-edge theories and proposals in education

Devoted to the discussion of teaching excellence in postsecondary education

Focuses on the scholarly issues surrounding English

Publishes research or case studies in entrepreneurship education

Focused on how best to present environmental issues

Issues in teaching higher education

Publishes articles which concern any subject area of experiential education

Publishes theoretical, laboratory, and classroom research studies

Issues in faculty professional development

Official publication of the American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences

Only publication devoted specifically to fluency

Reflects interest in the filed of food science education at all levels

Publishes articles representing the whole field of post-16 education

Focuses on issues in teaching geography at colleges and universities

Publishes articles from all areas of human resource and adult learning

Promotes research into tolerance, nurturing diversity and human rights

Seeks original articles of special interest to information systems educators

Publishes on the intersection of information technology and education

Publishes research of information technology and education

Encourages articles that use rich, detailed accounts of information and IT

International journal in the field of intellectual and developmental disability

Publishes research relating to speech and language disorders

Welcomes all articles pertaining to interdisciplinary education

Features information and research relating to human rights worldwide

Focuses on the delivery of special education programs and services worldwide

Features theories, methods, and materials in language teaching

Examines approaches to the design of learning environments

Serves the rapidly growing field of distance education

Concerned with all aspects pertaining to linguistic and intercultural education

Publishes articles related to literacy, language, and literacy education

Focuses on issues in the teaching of management

Publishes articles on higher education marketing

Focuses on the teaching of marketing

Solicits original research on the learning and teaching of mathematics

Focuses primarily on undergraduate education

Forum for consideration of all aspects of moral education and development

Covers topics in the sociology and social psychology of language

Journal for teaching the history of music

Features all disciplines in the life sciences, natural resources, and agriculture

Focuses on issues in nursing education

Serves as a resource for OTs working in early intervention and schools

Addresses the scholarly use of multimedia resources in online education

Covers health, physical education, recreation and dance professional issues

Forum for the exchange of ideas for teaching political science

Seeks to expand the knowledge and practice of effective behavioral support

Concerned with the development of positive character in young people

Features articles that advance knowledge of the education of children

Forum for sharing scholarship among researchers and educational staff

Publishes research that enhances knowledge of music education

International forum for researchers into literacy

Publishes original research of educational issues within rural settings

Publishes research on science teaching and science education policy

Disseminates international research on special educational needs

Publishes research relative to every level of Christian education

Publishes research on the instructional uses of educational technology

Accepts multi-disciplinary analysis of every major version of school choice

Invites articles which seek to improve and enhance science education

Focuses on issues in second and foreign language writing and instruction

Provides current information regarding the teaching of singing

Fosters the dissemination of ideas and research related to the social studies

Exchange of ideas on the teaching of social work

Focuses on the use of technology in the field of special education

Focuses on issues in the teaching of statistics

For educators in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics

Serving educators in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics

Publishes scholarly, research-based articles on the topics related to education

Features articles pertaining to the internationalization of higher education

Fosters the integration of economic, ecological, and social sustainability

Leading teacher education with articles written by expert practitioners

Includes articles of research in the area of curriculum and learning issues

Instructs international business educators in higher education worldwide

Publishes original research on teaching physical activity in higher education

Serves social work literature by providing research on successful teaching

Forum and reference source for travel and tourism education

Journal for issues surrounding the teaching of writing

Journal of research and innovative techniques in educational technology

Multi-disciplinary journal serving all aspects of business education

Promotes professional exchange among special educators worldwide

Forum for the dissemination of the scholarship of teaching and learning

Devoted to the reflective examination of educational issues and problems

Describes effective and innovative teaching and learning practices

Journal of record on blindness and visual impairment

Invites manuscripts of all aspects of visual literacy and communication

Focuses on teaching and learning of journalism and mass communication

Focuses on research in journalism and mass communication

Presents research based articles relevant to education professionals

Online journal for rhetoric, technology, and pedagogy

Publishes articles that increase our understanding of how language is acquired

Forum for the discussion of recent topics in the language disciplines

Promotes the interplay between language and intercultural communication

Accepts papers researching issues related to language and literacy

Forum for researchers in the speech and language disciplines

Professional journal for elementary and middle school teachers

For the advancement of theory, research and practice in language assessment

Encourages and disseminates work which explores language awareness

Serves a forum for discussion on language learning

Focuses on issues in language learning and technology

First publication devoted to the use and evaluation of language resources

Issues in language teaching

Develops research within the area of second or foreign language teaching

Provides a forum relevant to the formation of language curriculum

Publishes manuscripts pertaining to the practice of speech-language pathology

Promotes understanding of individual differences within an educational context

Researches in the areas of learning, development, instruction and teaching

Issues in teaching the social sciences

Forum for research, practice, and opinion regarding learning disabilities

Publishes research concerning children, youth, and adults with disabilities

Accepts articles that apply theory and method to linguistics and education

Publishes articles dealing with reading education and allied literacy fields

Directed at researchers interested in mathematics education

For the improvement of classroom effectiveness in the first years of college

Forum for the publication of research in teaching and learning mathematics

Forum for collaboration of mathematics educators

Focuses on mathematics content, education, and interdisciplinary issues

Devoted to improving mathematics instruction for grades 8-14

Supports the improvement of grades 5-9 mathematics education

Devoted to theoretical and methodological issues of physical education

Covers current topics in the areas of reference in medical specialties

Resource for exchanging information on mentoring and tutoring

Articles on methods or fields of philosophy

Publishes articles that promote middle level education

Promotes scholarly exchange among teachers of foreign languages

Features articles related to any aspects of the multicultural education field

Promotes the philosophy of social justice, equity, and inclusion

Vehicle for advancing the knowledge relating to linguistically diverse learners

Focus is firmly on research of all areas of music education

Journal for NAFME members

Forum for music theory teaching strategies

For theoreticians, educational researchers, and practitioners in schools

Issues for teaching agriculture

Electronic journal covering all aspects of special education

Scholarly dialog regarding teacher education with urban emphasis

Covers all aspects of experiential education

Shares educational research or new techniques in the disciplines of education

Publishes articles concerning teaching and learning

Shares reports of action research to teachers at all levels

Promotes current research and ideas in adult education and human resources

Forum for professional development and practice in education

Professional journal for novice teachers

Issues in teaching nursing

Publishes practical articles concerning distance and open learning

Publishes articles of relevance to educational issues specific to the Pacific area

Teaching strategies for reading and writing

Brings together emergent and breaking work on all aspects of pedagogy

Publication by the AACU

Invites original manuscripts related to peer helping

Encompasses all scientific fields within pharmaceutical education and training

Addresses issues related to K-12 Education

Features philosophical research in music education

Forum for high quality educational research of physical education

Official journal of Phi Epsilon Kappa

Covers assessment, research, evaluation, and teaching practice

Serving children and adolescents in special and alternative education programs

Forum for dialog of ideas for those teaching undergraduate mathematics

Publication by the ASEE

Publishes contributions on the subject of continuing professional development

Seeks to develop a community of scholarship among pk-12 practitioners

Journal dealing with theories, research, and practices of distance education

Provides direction in educating a mainstreamed population for literacy

Articles pertaining to the processes, acquisition, and loss of literacy skills

Seeks to build upon knowledge base of literacy

Publishes papers dealing with every aspect of reading improvement

Focused on improving standards of foreign language reading

Features topics, issues and events of interest to reading professors

Publishes manuscripts in the field of literacy and related psychology disciplines

Committed to scholarship on literacy among learners of all ages

Practical, evidence-based teaching ideas to meet the needs of all learners

Dialog on issues at the intersections of religion and education

Interfaith forum for exploring religious identity, formation, and education

Focuses on educating persons for whom typical education is not effective

Original research, literature reviews, papers and models of service delivery

Research for the treatment and identification of autism spectrum disorders

Researches for the remediation of problems from developmental disabilities

International journal on theatre and dramatic performances

Online journal dedicated to middle grades education

Journal dedicated to the advancement of research in the area of science and technology education

Reviewed journal dedicated to research in schools

Journal exclusive to the scholarship of teaching English

Journal dedicated to the research of exercise and sports

Journal dedicated to the research of music education

Publishes essays that explore the relationship between pedagogy and issues

Journal dedicated to the publication of educational research

Journal dedicated to the advancement of research in higher education

Journal dedicated to the critical examination and review of Science, Math, and ICT education

Issues include counseling, education, and various other topics

Journal dedicated to issues in rural teaching

Journal dedicated to issues in special education with rural education

Journal publishing research in Scandinavian education

Publication dedicated to the advancement of research in administration and educational leadership

Journal dedicated to school science and mathematics

Publication dedicated to the study of electronic schooling

Study of schools and education

Publication dedicated to science projects and other activities

Journal dedicated to the study of science and children

Journal dedicated to the study of science education

Publication dedicated to issues in science education

Publication dedicated to isses in science

Journal dedicated to the advancement of research in teaching science

Journal dedicated to scientific studies of reading

Journal dedicated to the study of simulations and gaming

Journal dedicated to issues in social education

Journal dedicated to issues in young learners and social studies

Publication promotes research in the area of social studies

Publishing issues and research in social studies

Journal dedicated to issues in sport, education, and society

Journal dedicated to research in the area of art education

Journal dedicated to research in innovative teaching, learning, and assessment

Issues in education and philosophies

Publishes research in second languages

Publishes research in teacher education

A journal of higher education

Publishes work on support for learning

International journal dedicated to educational technology

Publishes research in teacher development

Publishes research on teacher education and special education

Publication dedicated to teacher education

Publishes work on profession of teaching

The voice of scholarship in higher education

Dedicated to the advancement of teaching and learning

Focuses on issues in teaching art

Dedicated to the advancement of teaching and learning in medicine

Dedicated to teaching children mathematics

Accepts articles which address aspects of teacher education in all contexts

Seeks to provide history teachers with the best classroom ideas

Devoted to practical and theoretical discussion of learning philosophy

Issues in the teaching of pyschology

Aims to disseminate information on teaching sociology

Accepts articles from tech professionals and applied science educators

Journal highlighting recent trends in technology and engineering education

Serves professionals in the educational communication and technology fields

Accepts articles concerning teaching English as a second language

Focuses on writing courses

Issues of teaching physics

Issues of teaching writing

Issues in theatre

Promotes exchange between educators in the field of language studies

Issues in social education research

Communicates information about early intervention

Publishes research in music education

Focuses on critical concerns facing inner-city schools

Forum for the improvement of urban schooling and education

Investigates new techniques of teaching writing

Focuses on issues in the fields of early care and education

Welcomes articles on youth and drama/theatre education.



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