Liberty Champion Newspaper Practicum

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This hands-on course provides opportunities to apply lessons learned in the classroom through the operation of The Liberty Champion, Liberty's student-run newspaper. The practicum is designed to enhance students' skills and knowledge, and provides an opportunity to build a portfolio. For students who want to learn about other aspects of the newspaper business, additional practicums are offered in sales and design/photography.

The Liberty Champion is:

  • One of the largest weekly community papers in Central Virginia
  • Published 11 times each semester
  • Circulated through various community channels with 15,500 copies printed of each issue
  • Updated weekly on the web at External Link

The Liberty Champion Practicum offers students:

  • Real experiences that translate into marketable skills
  • Interview opportunities with high-profile leaders such as Michele Bachmann, Kirk Cameron, Newt Gingrich, and the Duggars
  • Real story deadlines in news, sports, feature, and editorial writing
  • Print and web writing opportunities, resulting in a comprehensive skill set
  • Exposure to the entire production process in a new media setting