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Undergraduate Catalog 2012-2013 [Archived Catalog] [Archived Catalog]

PDF copy: Programs of Study.pdf

Programs of Study

Liberty University's educational philosophy is based on the integration of fundamental Christian beliefs and the liberal arts tradition. Its programs are designed to prepare students to assume leadership roles in society.

Academic Programs

The requirements for graduation for all undergraduate programs are listed in this Catalog and on Degree Completion Plans (DCP) which can be accessed at http://www.liberty.edu/dcps. Specific Course Requirements and Course Sequences for all residential majors may be found at http://www.liberty.edu/casas.

Undergraduate students declare a major when they are accepted to Liberty.  They may process a change of major at any time following matriculation through the Center for Academic Support and Advising Services (CASAS). Exceptions are majors which require acceptance into the program, i.e., Athletic Training, Education, Individualized Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies, and Nursing majors.

A complete listing of the majors and minors offered at Liberty follows. Concentrations and cognates within given majors are listed under the major. Liberty University defines a Concentration as a specific grouping of 18 or more credit hours that may be offered within the requirements for an Undergraduate Major or Graduate Program.  A Cognate is defined as a specific grouping of 9 to 17 credit hours that may be offered within the requirements for an Undergraduate Major or Graduate Program.

Unless published in this Catalog, no other undergraduate degree programs or major and minor fields can be offered by Liberty and students must be aware that Liberty has no responsibility to offer any degree program, major, or minor unless such information is found in this publication.  At least 50% of the course work for any program of study must be earned at Liberty University.

Teacher Licensure

Liberty University offers teacher licensure programs which are approved by the State of Virginia Department of Education.

Those who enter the teacher licensure program must complete the academic major, be subject to the same general education requirements as all other students, and complete academic and practicum experiences related to professional teacher training.

Those wishing to pursue teacher-related programs should seek information from the Teacher Licensure Office in the School of Education. Licensure information is also available at http://www.liberty.edu/uguide.

Bachelor of Science (B.S.)


Accounting ¹

Aeronautics ¹

  • Concentration: Commercial/Corporate ¹
  • Concentration: Military
  • Concentration: Missions
  • Concentration: Unmanned Aerial Systems

Athletic Training

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


Biomedical Sciences

Business Administration ¹·²

  • Concentration: Financial Planning
  • Cognate: Communications ¹
  • Cognate: Economics ¹
  • Cognate: Entrepreneurship ³
  • Cognate: General ³
  • Cognate: Healthcare Management ³
  • Cognate: Human Resource Management
  • Cognate: International Business ¹
  • Cognate: Marketing ¹
  • Cognate: Project Management ¹
  • Cognate: Public Administration ³

Business Management Information Systems ¹

  • Cognate: Accounting Information Systems ¹
  • Cognate: Application Development ¹
  • Cognate: Data Networking ¹
  • Cognate: Database ¹
  • Cognate: Gaming Technologies ¹
  • Cognate: Global Studies ¹
  • Cognate: Information Assurance ¹
  • Cognate: Intelligence ¹
  • Cognate: Web Development ¹

Cell and Molecular Biology

Church Ministries

  • Concentration: Adventure Leadership and Outdoor Ministry
  • Concentration: Pastoral Leadership
  • Concentration: Women's Ministries
  • Concentration: Worship Studies
  • Concentration: Youth Ministries

Cinematic Arts

Communication Studies

  • Concentration: Advertising/Public Relations
  • Concentration: Digital Media
  • Concentration: Journalism
  • Concentration: Speech Communication

Computer Engineering

Computer Science ²

  • Cognate: Intelligence

Criminal Justice ¹

  • Cognate: Business Administration and Management ³
  • Cognate: Criminal Psychology ³
  • Cognate: Forensics ³
  • Cognate: Homeland Security ³
  • Cognate: Public Administration ³
  • Cognate: Strategic Intelligence Studies ³
  • Cognate: Youth Corrections ³

Early Childhood Education Interdisciplinary Studies ³

Electrical Engineering

  • Cognate: Intelligence

Elementary Education Integrated Studies

  • Cognate: English
  • Cognate: Math
  • Cognate: Science
  • Cognate: Social Science
  • Cognate: Spanish

Elementary Education Interdisciplinary Studies

Environmental Biology

Exercise Science

  • Concentration: Fitness Specialist
  • Concentration: Pre-Professional

Family and Child Development

Family and Consumer Sciences ²

Fashion Merchandising and Interiors

  • Concentration: Fashion Merchandising
  • Concentration: Interior Design

Global Studies


  • Concentration: Politics and Policy
  • Concentration: Western Legal Traditions

Health Promotion

  • Concentration: Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES)
  • Concentration: Clinical


Individualized Studies

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Interdisciplinary Studies ³


  • Concentration: Health and Physical Education ²
  • Concentration: Health and Physical Education, Non-Licensure

Mathematics ²

Paralegal Studies ³

Psychology ¹

  • Concentration: Counseling, Clinical or Research
  • Concentration: Counseling and Human Development
  • Concentration: Human Services
  • Cognate: Addictions and Recovery ³
  • Cognate: Crisis Counseling ³
  • Cognate: Life Coaching ³

Religion ³

Religious Studies

  • Concentration: Biblical Languages
  • Concentration: Global Studies
  • Concentration: Jewish Studies
  • Concentration: New Testament
  • Concentration: Old Testament
  • Concentration: Theology and Apologetics

Social Sciences ²

Special Education Integrated Studies

Special Education Interdisciplinary Studies ³

Sport Management

Studio and Digital Arts ²

  • Concentration: Graphic Design
  • Concentration: Studio Art ²

Web Technology and Design

Worship and Music Studies

  • Concentration: Christian Music Artist and Songwriter
  • Concentration: Pastoral Leadership
  • Concentration: Worship Leadership
  • Concentration: Worship Technology
  • Concentration: Youth Ministry
  • Cognate: Biblical Studies
  • Cognate: Business Studies
  • Cognate: Music in World Cultures
  • Cognate: Theatre Ministries
  • Cognate: Women's Ministries



Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


Biblical Studies

English ²


  • Concentration: International Relations
  • Concentration: Politics and Policy
  • Concentration: Western Legal Traditions


Individualized Studies

International Relations

  • Concentration: International Politics and Policy
  • Concentration: Strategic Intelligence Studies

Pastoral Leadership and Biblical Exposition


Spanish ²

Teaching English as a Second/Foreign Language ²

Theatre Arts ²

  • Concentration: Performance
  • Concentration: Production

Bachelor of Music (B.M.)

Music ²

  • Concentration: Choral ²
  • Concentration: Instrumental ²

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.)


Associate of Arts (A.A.)

Accounting ¹

Aeronautics: Airline Flight Attendant

Aviation Maintenance Technician

Business ¹·º

Business Management Information Systems ³

Criminal Justice ¹

Early Childhood Education ³

Education (Non-Licensure) ³·º


Interdisciplinary Studies ³

Paralegal Studies ³

Psychology ³·º

Religion ¹·º

Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.)

Technical Studies

  • Concentration: Carpentry
  • Concentration: Electrical
  • Concentration: Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Concentration: Masonry
  • Concentration: Plumbing
  • Concentration: Welding



Accounting ¹

Adventure Leadership and Outdoor Ministry

Advertising/Public Relations


Aeronautics: Airline Flight Attendant

Biblical Greek

Biblical Languages

Biblical Studies ¹


Business ¹

Business Management Information Systems ¹


Chemistry ²

Christian Counseling ³

Church Ministries ³

Cinematic Arts


Computer Science ²

Creation Studies

Criminal Justice ¹

Crisis Communication



Family and Consumer Sciences – Clothing and Textiles

Family and Consumer Sciences – Family and Child Development

Family and Consumer Sciences – Foods and Nutrition

Family and Consumer Sciences – General


Global Studies


Graphic Design

Health Promotion

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC)


Homeland Security ³

International Relations

Jewish Studies

Journalism ²





Military Leadership

Music – Brass, Woodwind, or Percussion

Music – Liberal Arts

Music – Performance: Voice, Keyboard, Guitar or Strings

New Testament

Old Testament

Pastoral Leadership




Politics and Policy

Psychology ¹

Public Administration ³



Special Education ¹

Speech ²

Sport Management

Strategic and Intelligence Studies

Studio Art ²

Theatre Arts ²


Theology and Apologetics


Western Legal Traditions

Women's Ministries


Youth Ministries

Certificate Programs

Aviation Maintenance Technician

Advanced Certificate in Biblical Studies º

Advanced Certificate in Business º

Certificate in Healthcare Management ³

Certificate in International Business ³

Certificate in Ministry ³

Certificate in Public Administration ³

Certificate in Substance Abuse ³

Graduate of Theology Diploma (Th.G.)

Biblical Studies ¹

   ¹ Also available through Liberty University Online
   ² Option available for Teacher Licensure Endorsement
   ³ Available through Liberty University Online ONLY
   º Available through Liberty University en Español


Course Identification

Each course is identified by a four-letter prefix and a three digit number. The letters represent the academic area. The first digit will be 1, 2, 3, or 4 to indicate that the course is a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior level course, respectively. Graduate course numbers begin with 5 and above.


ACCT Accounting GBST General Biblical Studies
AIRS Air Force ROTC GEED General Education
ALOM Adventure Leadership and Outdoor Ministry GEOG Geography
APOL Apologetics GLST Global Studies
ARTS Studio and Digital Art GOVT Government
ATHL Athletics GREK Greek
ATTR Athletic Training GRMN German
AVIA Aviation HBRW Hebrew
AVMN Aviation Maintenance Technician Certificate HIEU European History
AVMT Aviation Maintenance Technician HIST History Research and Methods
BCHM Biochemistry HIUS United States History
BIBL Biblical Studies HIWD World Hisotry
BIOL Biology HLTH Health
BMIS Business Management Information Systems HONR Honors
BUSI Business HUMN Humanities
BWVW Biblical Worldview HVAC Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning
CARP Carpentry INDS Interdisciplinary/Individualized Studies
CCOU Christian Counseling INFT Information Technology
CESL Conversational English INTL International Studies
CGRM Conversational German KINE Kinesiology
CHEM Chemistry LIFC Life Coaching
CHHI Church History LING Linguistics
CHLD Children's Ministries MASN Masonry
CHMN Church Ministries MATH Mathematics
CINE Cinematic Arts MENT Mentoring
CJUS Criminal Justice MISC Military Science - Army ROTC
CLST College Learning Strategies MLAN Modern Languages
COMS Communication Studies MUSC Music
CRFT Craft Skills NASC Natural Science
CRIS Crisis Counseling NURS Nursing
CRST Creation Studies PHIL Philosophy
CSCI Computer Science PHSC Physical Science
CSER Christian/Community Service PHYS Physics
CSPA Conversational Spanish PLAW Paralegal Studies
ECON Economics PLED Pastoral Leadership
EDSP Special Education PLMB Plumbing
EDUC Education PRTH Practical Theology
ELIL English Language Institute PSYC Psychology
ELTC Electrical RLST Religious Studies
ENGC Computer Engineering SMGT Sport Management
ENGE Electrical Engineering SOCI Sociology
ENGI Industrial and Systems Engineering SOWK Social Work
ENGL English SPAN Spanish
ENVR Environmental Science TESL Teaching English as a Second Language
ESOL English as a Second Language THEA Theatre Arts
ETHM Ethnomusicology THEO Theology
EVAN Evangelism WELD Welding
EXSC Exercise Science WMIN Women's Ministries
FACS Family and Consumer Sciences WMUS Worship Music
FMIN Family Ministry WRSP Worship Studies
FREN French YOUT Youth Ministries
FRSM Freshman Seminar    


Liberty University en Español

Liberty University en Español offers Spanish-language versions of Liberty University Online programs.  The curriculum is the same as existing Liberty University Online programs, and the course requirements do not vary. The only difference in these programs is that Spanish-language versions of some of the course materials are available, and students are permitted to turn in written materials in their native language.  Further information is available at http://www.luonline.com/index.cfm?PID=21499 .

The University Honors Program

James H. Nutter, B.A., M.A., M.Ed., D.A.
Director, Honors Program
Associate Professor of English

If you participated in Gifted and Talented programs in high school or if you are academically talented and serious about your studies and seek to be appropriately challenged, you should consider the academic enrichment of our Honors Program along with its merit-based scholarships ($4,000).

The University Honors Program is designed to provide highly motivated students of above average ability the opportunity to achieve their highest intellectual and creative potential through a combination of homogenous honors seminars in general education course work and independent honors petitioned projects within the students’ major fields of study. Honors students also complete a Senior Honors Thesis as their capstone project during their last semester of college.

Qualified students may apply for admission to Liberty University and the Honors Program simultaneously, although application to the Honors Program must be made directly to that office. If admitted to the program, students must begin taking honors courses in their first semester at Liberty.

Criteria for applying to the Honors Program include the following:

  1. Score at least 1270 on SAT (critical reading and math scores only) or 29 on the ACT;
  2. Submit official high school or college transcripts indicating a GPA of at least 3.50 on an unweighted 4.00 scale;
  3. Write an expository essay of four and one-half to five typed pages on the topic, “What I Hope to Gain from an Honors Program Education at Liberty University”;
  4. Submit three letters of recommendation from present or former teachers;
  5. Complete the Honors Program Application.

Transfer or Liberty University students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.50 and have no more than 60 credits earned; their recommendation letters must come from professors. 

In addition, National Merit Finalists who participate in the Honors Program receive a full tuition and on-campus room and board scholarship; National Merit Semi-Finalists who participate in the Honors Program receive a full tuition scholarship. 

The selection process is competitive, and Honors applications are reviewed on the first day of each month beginning March 1st. Applications will not be considered unless they are postmarked by April 20th. For more information or to receive an Honors application, contact the Honors Program Office by phone at 434-592-3304 or email the Director at jhnutter@liberty.edu.  Visit the website at https://www.liberty.edu/academics/honors for additional information.

Study Abroad Office

The mission of the Study Abroad Office is to provide Liberty University students with a unique opportunity to transform their global outlook and grow in their faith while reaching their academic goals. It will also be an opportunity for the student to develop character, learn more about themselves and form lasting relationships.

In an increasingly global economy it is imperative that students have access to international experiences that will help them to lead in the 21st century. Studying abroad offers students a chance to serve, live and study in a setting that can broaden their intellectual horizons and expose them to other cultures in a way that is not possible on the home campus. For this reason, international experiences in a cross-cultural environment are part of Liberty University's aim to "Contribute to a knowledge and understanding of other cultures and of international events."

The Study Abroad Office, located in Green Hall 1567, assists students in selecting a program that best fits their educational needs. Semester and summer-long programs are available through collaborations with international faith-based program partners and future Liberty Abroad Programs.

For more information, contact the Study Abroad Office by email at studyabroad@liberty.edu, by phone at 434-592-4005, or visit the website at http://www.liberty.edu/index.cfm?PID=19707.

Highlighted text indicates a change from the official version of the catalog.

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