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A Christian Business School


A Christ-Centered School of Business

With an emphasis placed on building up Champions for Christ as well as strong business men and women, the Liberty University School of Business is here to serve our students through innovation and challenging students to reach their full potential.

A New Era for Business

“Have I served you well today and challenged you? Then welcome to the School of Business. That’s what we want.” —Dean Scott Hicks

Focusing on commitment, service and learning is a joint effort between faculty, students and the God they serve. Students need to be challenged, and faculty desire to help students achieve the next level of success, wherever that may be or whatever form that will take. Through challenging our students to serve each other, to love others more than they love themselves and to become all that God made them to be, they are being trained to become the employee, leader or entrepreneur that organizations are seeking. By cultivating students’ critical thinking skills, and providing the knowledge, values and skills needed to be successful, we have a renewed focus on Training Champions for Christ!

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Undergraduate Studies

Associate of Arts

  • Accounting (A.A.) – Online
  • Business (A.A.) – Online
  • Business Management Information Systems (A.A) - Online


  • Accounting (B.S.) Residential & Online
  • Business Administration (B.S.) - Residential & Online (Teacher Licensure available for Residential)
  • Business Management Information Systems (B.S.) - Residential & Online
  • Informatics (B.S.)
  • Information Technology (B.S.)


Graduate Studies


  • Accounting (M.S.A.) – Online
  • Information Systems (M.S.I.S.)
  • Management & Leadership (M.A.M.L.) 
  • Business Administration (M.B.A.)
    Residential & Online
  • Marketing (M.S.)


  • Business Administration (D.B.A.)