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Marching Band Member with Mellophone

Liberty University Marching Band Application and Audition


Marching Band Application Form

Thank you for your interest in the Liberty University Marching Band: The Spirit of the Mountain!

Marching Band Application - Start Here! 

All persons interested in joining the Liberty University Marching Band must first submit the Marching Band Application Form. After completing this application, you may proceed immediately to the audition as described in the Audition Process section below. Please know that you will be prompted from the application through an audition link which is duplicated below.

The final date to confirm your membership and secure your position in the show drill is June 1st.  Please submit your application early enough to allow time to complete all steps in the process by June 1st. Your $65.00 band camp fee is the final step in your online application. Please note that this payment secures your position in the show drill, and you must pay by June 1st in order to be included in the drill writing process. Please notify Dr. Kerr or the band office of any changes to your membership immediately.

Check out our Marching Band Policies so that you can learn more about how we operate.

Audition Instructions

Hornline (Brass and Woodwinds)

I. Complete and submit the Marching Band Application Form (above). Follow the instructions for your specific instrument.

II. Prepare your music.

III. Prepare the Drill

  • Perform a "box in 8" while playing our fight song, Fan the Flames. To complete the "box in 8", march forward 8 steps, left 8 steps, back 8 steps, and right 8 steps, ending at the position where you started—just one time through the music and box. (The steps will be in 'cut-time' with the music).
  • NOTE: Please do not submit a video before you fill out the Marching Band Application Form in Step I.

IV. Video Record

  • While your video must be in 'one take', you can make as many videos as you like and just send us your best take—only one version, please. You can use any means of recording the video that you like. The product will be uploaded by you to YouTube per the instructions below in Step V.
  • Additional Details:
    • Begin at attention. Our marching style is a "heel-to-toe" roll step. You will march forward 8 counts with the first 4 cut-time measures of the piece.
    • Next, transition into a left slide for 8 counts. During a slide, your feet point and move in the direction of the slide, but your upper body and shoulders remain straight ahead, pointed toward the side line.
    • Next you will march back 8 counts. Backwards marching is up on the toes, and you drag the forward part of your foot gently along the ground, balancing on the balls of your feet.
    • Finally, a right slide, very similar to the left slide, has your feet pointed and moving in the direction of the slide while your upper body and shoulders remain straight ahead as in the Left Slide.
    • For the audition, march this box while playing the music. You will find that the music will require marching just one complete box.
    • Refer to the Marching Instruction Video for further instruction on how to complete your audition video.

V. Send us your finished video.

  • Upload the finished video to YouTube as an UNLISTED video. By doing this no one can see the video with the exception of whoever has access to the link. Copy and past the entire URL (the YouTube web address) from the address bar to the box below labeled "Video URL." We will correspond with you promptly regarding your entrance into our band program after we have reviewed your completed video.
  • The final step, your Scholarship/Commitment agreement, will be assigned accordingly following your audition video submission.
  • Students may only submit one video. If you are not selected during the audition process to participate in the marching band and wish to discuss your audition further places contact Dr. Kerr (
  • To create a YouTube Account and Upload Your Video:
    1. To begin, click "Sign In" on the YouTube homepage in the upper right corner.
    2. Select the option to "Create An Account"
    3. You will need to establish a Google account, if you already have a Google email you can use that email as your username.
    4. Fill in the required information to finalize your YouTube account.
    5. Once your account has been set up and you are logged in, select the "Upload" button on the YouTube homepage, located to the right of the search engine.
    6. Select the Arrow to upload your video.
      • There will be a drop down menu with options to make the bideo Public, Unlisted, or Private. Select the option for UNLISTED (this ensures that only those who have the link can view the video).


  1. Title the video with your Name (i.e. John Smith Marching Band Audition)
  2. Copy and paste the entire URL (the YouTube web address) from the address bar to the box labeled "Video URL" on the Application/Audition page (you will need to log-in to this link again exactly as you did previously for the Application portion).

Percussion (Battery, Front Ensemble, and Back Ensemble)

I. Application 

  • Complete and submit the Marching Band Application Form (above). Follow the instructions for your specific instrument.

II. Audition Requirements

  • All auditions are video based and should be submitted using the following guidelines:
    • Post the video to YouTube as an unlisted video (instructions above).
    • Paste the link into your application.
  • Battery 
    • All wishing to audition on a battery instrument must perform the exercises while marking time.
    • Look at both audition etudes and determine which is most appropriate for your skill level.
    • Audition Etudes
      • Must be played twice through at tempo. One time must be played with an audible metronome, and the second time must be played without a metronome.
      • Marking time must be visible in video while playing etudes. Lift entire foot off the ground for marking time.
    • Marching
      • A portion of the audition video must demonstrate your marching technique.
      • You will be required to perform a “Figure 8” by marching a Forward-Left Box, followed immediately by a Forward-Right Box at an 8-to-5 step size (22.5 inch step).
      • Utilize Heel-first roll step on forward march. For left and right marching, please demonstrate proper Crabbing with a straight leg approach, on the platforms of your feet (no bent knees, must stand tall to have proper drum carriage). Proper backward marching uses a straight leg approach. Only the platforms of the feet touch the ground.
      • The moves should be as follows: Forward 8, Left 8, Back 8, Right 8, then Forward 8, Right 8, Back 8, Left 8, Halt. 
  • Mallets
    • While the hornline must march a "box in 8" for their audition video, Front Ensemble instruments are not required to march or mark time.
    • Videos must consist of two warm-up exercises. One with 2 mallets, and one with 4 mallets.
    • An audible metronome must be playing at a tempo that is comfortable, but not too slow.
  • Drumset, Auxiliary Percussion, Piano, and Timpani:
    • Please play the piece for your instrument two times through. Once with an audible metronome and once without.
    • Drumset: Letters B to E
    • Piano: C to the end 
    • Timpani: Letter I to the end
    • Auxiliary Percussion: Low Battery Audition Etude

III. Audition Materials

IV. Audition Submission Deadline:

  • April 29, 2019

Color Guard

The Liberty University Marching Band includes an advanced ladies-only color guard.

I. Complete and submit the Marching Band Application Form (above). Follow the instructions for your specific instrument.

II. Audition date and time:

  • April 7, 2018 at 2:30 PM
  • School of Music, room 160
  • Please contact Mrs. Bryanna Boyd to sign up for an audition time by emailing her at
  • If you find you will be unable to attend, contact Mrs. Bryanna Boyd immediately to determine an alternate means/date of auditioning.
  • Please prepare a 2-3 minute audition routine with music with music accompaniment. Usually, auditionees perform a routine from high school with their own band music. You may also make up your own routine to any music selection you choose.
  • In addition, auditionees at CFAW get to meet many other auditionees, learn a short routine together, and get to know the Marching Band staff a bit.

III. Follow the steps listed above for Hornline Audition Video Submissions if you cannot audition during the listed audition time.

  • While the hornline must march a "box in 8" while performing the fight song for their audition video, color guard auditionees will only need to follow the instructions listed above for their video.
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