Marcus Ross, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of GeologyMarcus Ross
Assistant Director, Center for Creation Studies

Office: Science Hall 344
Phone: 434-592-3459


  • B.S. in Earth Science, The Pennsylvania State University
  • M.S. in Paleontology, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
  • Ph.D. in Geosciences, University of Rhode Island

Courses taught 

  • CRST 290  History of Life
  • PHSC 210  Elements of Earth Science
  • PHSC 211  Laboratory in Earth Science
  • BIOL 371   Vertebrate Paleontology
  • ENVR 220: Introduction to Physical Geology
  • ENVR 221: Physical Geology Laboratory
  • ENVR 330: Energy Resources and Efficiencies


Marcus Ross has loved paleontology (especially dinosaurs) since he was a kid growing up in Rhode Island.  He has continued pursuing this passion, currently researching about a group of extinct marine reptiles called mosasaurs.  He is greatly interested in issues surrounding the creation-evolution controversy and the intersection of geology with the Biblical events of creation and Noah's Flood.  He and his wife Corinna live in Lynchburg, Virginia.