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AROTC Military Science Courses

AROTC Military Science Courses

Army ROTC Courses

Learn how to employ Army technical and tactical skills in small unit operations. You will also develop the essential components of Army training, leadership, and team building.  

ROTC is divided into two courses. During your freshman and sophomore years, you will attend the Basic Course. Here, you can participate with no military obligation.

Basic Courses

  • Fundamental Concepts (MISC 101) - 1 Credit
  • Basic Leadership (MISC 102) - 1 Credit
  • Advanced Leadership (MISC 201) - 1 Credit
  • Tactics and Officership (MISC 202) - 1 Credit 

If you decide to continue to the Advanced Course your junior and senior year, you will be pursuing the path to becoming an Army Officer.

Advanced Courses

  • Small Unit Leadership (MISC 301) - 2 Credits

  • Small Unit Operations (MISC 302) - 2 Credits
  • Leadership, Management, and Ethics (MISC 401) - 2 Credits
  • Transition to Lieutenant (MISC 402) - 2 Credits

Leadership Labs & Field Training Exercises (FTX)

Hone your skills in Mission Command through Leadership Labs and FTXs.

Lab (MISC 001-008)* is on Thursdays from 4-6 p.m. You'll be taught basic skills, including first aid, land navigation, and movement techniques. As an upperclassman, you are given opportunities to teach underclassmen some of these necessary skills and tactics. During your third year, you might find yourself as a squad leader organizing your group to accomplish a mission quickly and effectively. Following your mission, you will be assessed and given feedback on what dimensions of leadership you can potentially change or improve.

*Number is respective to the semester of ROTC

Army Officer Requirements

  • GPA: Obtain a bachelor's degree with at least a 2.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale
  • Prerequisites: Complete MISC 301, 302, 401, 402, all labs, and Advanced Camp, and take an approved Military History Course
  • Physical Fitness Test: Meet Army Physical Fitness Test and height/weight standards 60 days before commissioning
  • Recommendation: You must be strongly recommended by the Professor of Military Science
  • Secret Security Clearance: Apply for and receive a secret security clearance
  • Drug Screening: Pass drug screening 90 days before commissioning
  • Participation: Participate in a staff ride or battlefield tour
  • CWST: Pass the Combat Water Survival Test (CWST)
  • Complete all Cadet Professional Development

Military Leadership Minor

As a part of the program, you will eligible for the Military Leadership Minor. Adding the minor to your degree requires no additional coursework.

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