Chris Wygal

Programming & Engineering

Chris came on board full-time with Victory FM in May of 2002 as studio engineer having just graduated from Liberty University. In June of 2003 he added daily programming duties to his "to-do" list, and he manages the Victory FM website and other graphic design needs. From February until August of 2014, he served as the Interim General Manager for the Victory Radio Network. Chris is married to Sharon who is a teacher at Liberty University and they have two daughters. Evelyn and Julie Anne.


Mark Edwards

Production Director

Mark Edwards began working for Victory FM part time in 1984. He joined the staff full time in 1988, working as a reporter / anchor in the news department. He later became the news director and served in that position until 1997. He now serves as the production director.



Mark Lamb

Host: The Afternoon Drive & Sound Living / Music Director

Mark has been working in radio for years and years, and he has been a valuable addition to Victory FM afternoons and Saturday nights. Bringing a personal flavor to The Afternoon Drive and keeping you company on Saturday nights, Mark's friendly voice is a great part of the Victory FM lineup! In February 2014, Mark became the Music Director at Victory FM. Mark is married to Kara, and they live in Lynchburg.


Pattie Silverthorn

Partnership & Promotions Specialist

Pattie Silverthorn joined the Victory Team during Sharathon week in 2011 as our Partners and Promotions Specialist. What a wonderful time to start, hearing all the wonderful praises and words of encouragement from our listeners.  Pattie grew up listening to Victory FM and her husband and children live on Liberty Mountain. Pattie has 10+ years working in radio and marketing. She focuses her talents on increasing our connection within the communities we cover and building relationships with Victory FM Business Partners throughout North Carolina and Virginia. Pattie will tell you she is so grateful to be "LIVING IN THE RAIN" of God's blessings. From their children to the ministry opportunities God brings their way, she says she'll never be able to thank God enough!