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Brand Identity Guide

Liberty University Merchandising

Appropriate logo usage on merchandise is critical to the successful implementation of Liberty University’s visual identity. All merchandise which uses a logo must display one of the university-approved marks contained in this visual identity guide. In addition, university-approved "monogram," "Athletics Primary Mark," and/or "Athletics secondary mark" shall not stand alone and must have an "identifier" somewhere else on the piece. "Identifiers" include the use of the words, "Liberty," "Liberty University," and/or "Liberty Flames."

The words “Liberty University” or “Liberty” may also be printed on merchandise in a variety of fonts.

When designing, creating, and producing new merchandise always keep in mind that there should be a heavy emphasis on supporting, promoting, and selling merchandise in university colors.

Merchandise production is key to the consistency and cost efficiency of the Liberty University brand. All merchandise vendors must be selected from an approved vendor list. This ensures strong partnership with our licensing initiative and ensures that each Liberty department receives the best product at the best price.

Contact Auxiliary Services for more information on approved merchandise vendors.

All vendors and manufacturers producing products displaying a Liberty University mark must be registered with Liberty University’s licensing company, Licensing Resource Group (LRG). Visit LRG on the web at

Liberty University’s brand is made of the unique visuals that ensure that the university is instantly recognizable. Elements of the visual brand include the university’s name, colors, wordmark, monogram, seal, and athletics logo. Appropriate implementation of the university’s brand elements will continue to develop a strong Liberty University brand image. View the Branding FAQ for additional information on Liberty University's branding.

Download the Brand Identity Guide (requires a Liberty login).

PowerPoint Guidelines

PowerPoint® templates are available below for download and use by university departments.
For best results, use the pre-set text boxes for slide headers and text.

Note: After pasting one of the PowerPoint slides to a new document, check the small box at the bottom of the Slide Finder which says: "Keep Design of Original Slides" to retain the background.

PowerPoint Templates

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