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Dinner at Montview

October 9, 2018

picture for blog

A few of my friends and I grabbed some dinner at the Montview Student Union and I want to bring you along!  Not only did we all enjoy our meals, but we also shared lots of laughs and made memories. Follow along to get a taste of the different dining options students have here at Liberty University!  


3 Tips on How to Choose a Major

October 4, 2018

blog photo

If you’re anything like me, big decisions can be overwhelming.  So when it came time to think about choosing a major, I was a little lost.  So whether you only have a few ideas of what major you want to choose, or you are like me, who had no idea, this post is for you!  Here are a few tips on how to choose a major:

1. It’s okay to be undecided!

College will teach you lots about yourself, but the journey to declare a major will teach you more than you expect!  I was undecided until the end of the fall semester of my sophomore year, and I am still on track to graduate!  I am glad I gave myself the time to discover what I was passionate about and what God was calling me to pursue.  Don’t feel pressured to know exactly what you want to do.  Take your time, ask the Lord for wisdom, and take a deep breath!

2. Ask questions!

Ask yourself what your passions are and what you love to do.  Read through the list of classes for the majors, and ask yourself if the classes sound interesting to you!  Talk to your professors about your passions and ask for wisdom!  Ask your friends what your strengths and gifts are.  Meet some students and ask what the classes are like and what they have learned!

Meeting with an advisor can be extremely helpful in this journey.  When I met with an advisor, we talked about my passions and my goals, and she helped me narrow down the giant list of majors I couldn’t choose from.  Once you have a few options for majors, taking an intro class can help you know if it’s a major you would want to pursue.  For example, if you were interested in Business, you could take BUSI 101: Introduction to Business!

If you are struggling with deciding between a few majors, you’ve got a few options!  Declaring a minor is a great way to have more than one area of study, but you only have 5-6 classes in it!  Another option is declaring a major in Interdisciplinary Studies.  This major allows you do choose 2-3 areas of study and build your own major and pick the classes you are most interested in!

3. Declare!

Now it’s time to make it official!  Your advisor will be able to help you officially declare, and they will also help you choose classes every semester and make sure you stay on track to graduate! 

But most importantly, remember the truth found in scripture: “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” –Romans 8:28. 

3 Things I Wish I Knew Before Freshman Year

September 27, 2018

blog header

Hello friends!

If you haven’t met me yet, my name is Ellie!  I am a junior here at Liberty University, and I am studying Communications.   I am new on the student blogger team, and I’m so thrilled to share my experiences here at Liberty with you all!

I’m sure for many of you, college seems exciting and scary all at once!  That’s how I felt, too.  This post is going to be a little insight of a few things I wish I knew before I was a freshman. 


1.  Be yourself:

            I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times already, but it is very important! It can be pretty nerve-wracking trying to make friends when you first show up at college.  I can promise you, the best way to make friends is to be yourself! People will love you for you. 

            A few tips to make friends is to go to all the freshman events the first week you are on campus! Another tip is to get involved in a club that peaks your interest (Liberty has tons!) or play a sport with an intermural team!

            I was so nervous to meet people during my freshman year.  I wasn’t sure if anyone would like me.  But I can promise you, the friends you make in college will change your life.  It is worth it to step out of your comfort zone and meet some people!


2.  It is okay to not have it all figured out:

            Picking a major, meeting deadlines, getting sleep, socializing…it can be really overwhelming.  Take a deep breath, it’s going to be okay!  When I first got to Liberty, I was undeclared, confused as to how college classes worked, and not the kind of person who could survive on 4 hours of sleep.

            It may be really overwhelming at first, so take it one day at a time!  Your professors and your hall leadership are here to help and answer any question you may have.  And even when you may have FOMO (fear of missing out), make sure to get the rest you need!

            Pro tip: Go find your classrooms a few days before classes start.  If you aren’t familiar with the room numbers, it can be pretty confusing! Going to check them out before classes start will allow you to avoid the stress of finding them the day off!


3.  How to make the most of a dorm room:

            Less is more! You probably won’t need to bring every t-shirt you own.  I ended up bringing back lots of my clothes when I went home for Thanksgiving break.

            If you’re anything like me, I wanted to make sure my dorm was comfortable and looked nice! I loved my dorm room freshman year, but I had too many things.  Instead of getting 5 throw pillows, choose 2 that you really love!  The walls in my dorm freshman year were practically covered.  This year, there are lots more wall space, but it is still very personable and looks great!

Although all these tips are helpful, the best advice I can give to an incoming Freshman is to trust that God is going to take care of you, that His love will guide you, calm all your fears, and give you peace.  Ephesians 3:20 says that God will do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine!  Your freshman year is going to be incredible!



Meet Ellie

September 24, 2018

Ellie with sunflowers

Hi everyone, my name is Ellie Jewett and I am new to the Student Blogger team! I am a junior at Liberty University studying Integrated Communications.  I am a part of student leadership on Commons 2 and have a passion for sharing the gospel! I am from New Hampshire (shoutout to my family!), but over these past few years at Liberty, Lynchburg has become home! The best way to spot me on campus is by my bright yellow water bottle I always have with me (college tip: stay hydrated, kids).  Occasionally I will have a coffee in my hands, and that’s how you know I have some homework to get done!  A few of my favorite things to do on campus is studying at the library, going to the dining hall with friends, and having game nights with my hall.  I am always down for a dance party, especially if Taylor Swift is playing!  If I’m off campus, you’ll usually find me at Dublin 3, a local coffee shop, drinking Berry Berry tea.  I love this school and the memories I have made here, and if you get the chance to come here, I hope you will too.  I am pumped to see what my junior year will bring.  I am super excited to share my Liberty University experience with you all, stay tuned!

Here are a few pictures to get a little peek into my life... 

Ellie with friends

Ellie and her family

Ellie with her other family

Ellie & her best friend

Stay tuned for more of my life here at Liberty! 

Ellie Jewett

Integrated Communications

Other Posts by Ellie Jewett