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Explore these picturesque locations around Liberty's Campus!

February 11, 2019

On campus, I have probably taken close to over 2,000 photographs throughout my three years at Liberty University. Over time I have discovered a few spots that I like to go to for both the views and the architecture.

The Monogram

The big LU sign on the mountain, have you seen it on Liberty's campus yet? This photograph was taken from that location. 

If you want to get to the Monogram, you can take a bus up to Snowflex and walk from there. Or you can drive all the way up to the Monogram when the gate is open. 


From the top of the Liberty Snowflex Centre you can see the rest of campus. Inside of the lodge is a great place to hang out and do homework as well! The reason why this is one of my favorite places is because of the Mountain range view from the top. Make sure if you get a chance to go to the top of Snowflex at least once at Liberty!

The Hill

Some of my favorite Liberty sunsets have been viewed from the Hill Dorms. I lived on the Hill my Freshman year and took this photo in the late spring. The amazing thing about this view is that the mountains, monogram, and the Freedom Tower can all be seen from here.

Freedom Tower

Located in the center of campus, the Freedom Tower has a great 360 degree view of Liberty University. The tallest structure in Lynchburg with great views of everything on campus and the mountains that surround Liberty. Construction started back in August 2015 and the tower was opened to the public last February. Since then, I have been up to the tower many times to take photos and to show off Liberty's campus to my friends. 

DeMoss Roof

The DeMoss Roof is a great place to hang out and get a snapshot of campus life. On warm summer nights, the top of DeMoss can be a great place to hang with friends and watch planes come into the Lynchburg airport. 

The College Of Osteopathic Medicine Building

You can see a great outlook view of Liberty University from this location. Plus, the medical building has a few tables outside where you can sit and do homework or hang out. 

Best Places to hike near Liberty University!

December 12, 2018

There are many recreational facilities on Liberty’s campus. However, there are also many hiking locations not to far away from Lynchburg that you can visit! Here is a list of some places I have enjoyed over the past two years while attending Liberty University. I hope you find these places to be a great getaway from campus and an experience to explore nature!

Sharp Top

View from Sharp Top Mountain

Driving Distance from Liberty: 43 Min (32.3 Miles)

Hiking Distance: 2.6 Miles (45 Min to the Top)

Description: Sharp Top was the very first hike I completed when I arrived at Liberty University. It is a hike every Liberty University Student should try at least once. It's only 2.6 miles in total, but do not let that fool you! It is uphill most of the way so it takes longer than expected. Along the hike, you might even be able to spot some deer on the trail. Plus, the view at the top is incredible. There is a full 360-degree view of mountains at the top. Just keep in mind it can get very windy and cold at the lookout, so you'll want to check the weather before you go to make sure you're fully prepared. I have hiked Sharp Top six times and I am still planning on going a few more times before I graduate from Liberty!

McAfee Knob

Sitting at the lookout point from McAfee knob

Driving Distance from Liberty: 1Hr 12 Min (61.9 Miles)

Hiking Distance: 8.8 Miles (1 Hour 40 Min to lookout)

Description: This has to be my favorite view on the list. It’s a little over an hour drive from Liberty and it is one of the longer hikes I have done. The hike has a gradual incline but doesn't have any steep parts. Once you get out to the lookout there is a ledge that peers over the cliffside. However, be careful at the top since the dropoff point is very steep and high up. The first time I hiked McAfee Knob, I pulled an all-nighter to capture the milky way with my camera and tripod. Then, the next morning I photographed the sunrise and it was amazing! If you want to get some epic photos with friends this is the place for you!

Dragon’s Tooth         

Standing on Dragons Tooth looking out to the mountains

Driving Distance from Liberty:1 Hr 18Min ( 65.9 Miles)

Hiking Distance: 4.5 Miles (1 Hour to the top)

Description: Dragon’s Tooth is the next door neighbor to McAfee Knob and it too has a great view. Unlike McAfee Knob, Dragon’s Tooth has a full panoramic view. In addition to a great view, you will also find rocks to climb on and explore at the top.

Devil’s Marbleyard Trailhead

Sunset at Devils Marble Yard

Driving Distance from Liberty: 1 Hr 2 Min (40.1 Miles)

Hiking Distance: 3.0 Miles (50 min to top)

Description: If you like climbing rocks…this is your hike. It’s one of the shorter hikes but you will still get a workout in. The last half is on the steeper side but is completely manageable. This hike feels different every time I go since the last half of the trail is just giant marble rocks. Still, the sunset from the top is well worth the hike. Just be careful because climbing down in the dark can be especially tough.

Humpback Rock

Humpback Rock viewpoint

Driving Distance from Liberty: 1 Hr 19 Min (68.0 Miles)

Hiking Distance: 2 Miles (30 min to the top)

Description: This is one of the shorter hikes on the list. The hike is steep on the way up but doesn't take long to reach the peak.

Cole Mountain

Field up at Cole Mountain

Driving Distance from Liberty: 55 Min (42.6 Miles)

Hiking Distance: 1.2 Miles (25 Min to the overview)

Description: This is the easiest hike you can do on the list. At the top, you come across a big field that points out to the mountains. This is a great spot to go have a picnic and hang out with friends. It's also a great spot for portrait photos in the fall and spring.

Spy Rock

Spy Rock lookout

Driving Distance from Liberty: 1Hr 13 Min (50.6 Miles)

Hiking Distance: 3.1 Miles (1 Hour to the top)

Description: Once you get to the top you'll find a great 360-degree view including Liberty University in the far distance.

Big Rocky Row

Drone Shot of Big Rocky Row lookout

Driving Distance from Liberty: 52 Min (28.6 Miles)

Hiking Distance: 8 Miles (1 Hr 30 Min to viewpoint) unless you want to do the full 10.8 Mile Loop.

Description: If you want a challenge, Big Rocky Row is the hardest hike on the list. There are many switchbacks and elevation gains. However, the view overlooking the James River at the top is amazing.

Terrapin Mountain

Terrapin Mountain overlook

Driving Distance from Liberty: 36 Min (24.5 Miles)

Hiking Distance: 10.1 Miles  (1 hour to lookout)

Description: You don’t have to complete the entire 10.1 miles to enjoy the view. In fact, the lookout is within the first couple of miles. This is a great hike if you just want to spend the day enjoying nature!

Hay Rock

Distance from Liberty: 57 min (47 Miles)

Hiking Distance: 8 Miles (1 Hour 10 Min)

Description: One of the most underrated hikes I have ever found. This is a similar distance to McAfee's Knob, but it is for sure less crowded. The hike is near Roanoke, and the parking lot is right off the highway. It is easy to find the beginning of the trail; however, be careful not to loop back on this hike. My friend Sam and I made a mistake by looping back towards the start. There is a split of two paths before the first mile into the hike. They both go to the same spot, but we made the mistake of taking a left and ended up back at the split. In the end, it only added another quarter of a mile but make sure you look at a map.

During my time at Liberty, I've enjoyed exploring Virginia's many hidden gems. I hope you find some time to get out and see God's wonderful creation!


Behind The Scenes With Liberty's Photo Team

November 26, 2018

Liberty Football PlayersHey, everyone! I had the opportunity to follow around Liberty University’s Photography team during the North Texas vs. Liberty game. I made a behind the scenes vlog on how the the team organizes and captures the day. Take a look! 

Meet Bailey

September 7, 2018

Hello everyone! My name is Bailey Rapp, and I am new to the Student Blogger team! I am currently a Junior studying Digital Media and Video at Liberty University. I am originally from Seaside Oregon, which is where my dad is currently stationed as a helicopter pilot in the Coast Guard. My family has lived in many places across the United States including Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and Massachusetts. Moving was tough, especially leaving Oregon because it is where all of my family lives and, to me, it is one of the most beautiful states in the U.S. Through moving across the country, I have become more adaptable to new experiences and it has also sparked my interest in traveling and exploring outside of the United States!Bailey Rapp, standing on a ridge facing Mt Hood in Oregon

Over the past two years that I have attended Liberty University, I have always enjoyed hiking with friends. Through hiking, I’m able to not only explore God’s creation, but I am able to capture it through photography as well. Photography is a big part of my life because it is my platform to display God’s amazing design! Along with photography, basketball is another way that I have connected with new friends across campus. It allows me to take a break from schoolwork and the stress that comes with a college course load. Lastly, I enjoy going to most of the events on campus (you won’t be able to attend every single one!) because it brings more community, learning, and friendships by putting yourself out there. I used to be more introverted when I first arrived on campus, but that changed quickly. I am really glad I am more outgoing now since I have been able to host photography meetups around campus and connect with other great artists who share similar interests.

I am excited to share what Liberty University has taught me and how it can be beneficial to you as well! This college is more than a school, it is a community of people who care about each other. When I’m on campus, I always feel motivated because the professors go out of their way to be available to their students. I hope my perspective on my experiences at LU will encourage you to see Liberty in a whole new lens!

Bailey Rapp

Digital Media and Video