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Dorm Design Tips & Tricks

May 16, 2018

Your dorm is your space to let your creativity roam freely (as long as it stays within the Liberty Way). After two years of living on campus, I’ve seen a wide variety of dorm room layouts. Read below to see what style best fits you!

1. The Social Butterfly: If you have the gift of hospitality and dream of your dorm room being the gathering place for girls on your hall, loft your bed! I have several friends in the Residential Commons who lofted their beds and brought futons or couches into their rooms to create more seating. If you’re hoping to keep your bed lower to the ground, buy cute seats that double as ottomans or can be folded and tucked away to save space when you’re cranking through your homework assignments!

2. The Interior Designer: Newsflash- you don’t have to deck out your dorm room in Urban Outfitters or Pottery Barn to have stylish décor, I promise. My friends and I usually check out secondhand shops or local department stores whenever there’s a big sale. If you’re all about trendy design, Lynchburg’s TJ Maxx is a favorite among students.

3. The Tech Guru: I’ve seen several dorm rooms with fancy computers and complex sound systems set up for digital media work, video games, and movie nights. If you have a lot of tech equipment, bring an additional desk or table with you. You’ll find that you have plenty of space to maximize your equipment and live your best life!

4. The Kitchen Savvy: No matter which dorm you choose, you can always find a way to make some of your favorite dishes. If your dorm doesn’t provide a fridge, bring one! You’d be surprised how many meals you can make in the microwave, so challenge your culinary creativity! If you’re wishing for a full kitchen, check out the dorms on East Campus and the Quads as well.

5. The Organization-Oriented: I love reading blog posts about organization tips and storage hacks for dorm rooms, and I’ve found that all of Liberty’s residence halls have quality space for your belongings. Consider bringing storage tubs to keep your off-season clothing tucked away under your bed, and buy a little ottoman that serves as a seat, a step, and a secret storage spot! I also recommend bringing a desk organizer to keep papers separate and neat.

No matter who you are or what influences your design style and sparks your creativity, command hooks will be your absolute best friend. I hang everything from ball caps to coffee mugs to string lights with command hooks, and my roommates and I own them in every size imaginable. We also highly recommend bringing a lamp or your favorite string lights so that you won’t have to use the industrial lights in your room as your primary light source. Secondary lights cast a softer glow in your room, and they also serve as quality décor. ((Pro Tip: freshen up your space with cute succulents, because a little bit of greenery will go a long way toward transforming your dorm!)) My roommates and I intentionally decided not to color-coordinate our belongings, and we have each enjoyed having our own styles in our room. After all, your dorm is your home for nine months, so make it a place you love! If you can’t decide which LU dorm to choose, take my dorm quiz to find out! 

Abby Brewer


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