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Finals Week

January 5, 2018

The Jerry Falwell Library hosts “De-stress Week” during the same week as finals week. The library plans coloring and puzzle parties, invites therapy dogs, and even provides hammocks for students to enjoy. During one of our study breaks, my friend Mandi and I went to check out the scheduled events for the day. We were super excited, but my stomach was doing somersaults because I brought along my camera. You see, that study break was more than just a break from final exams prep; I was breaking away from my comfort zone. I filmed my first vlog that day.


After rendering my first vlog and finishing my third trip down the gauntlet of finals week, I’ve decided that tackling final exams is similar to conquering comfort zones. I’ve learned that there are three necessities for any adventure: friends, plans, and trust. With a group of friends, a solid plan, and your trust in God (Philippians 4:6-7), anything is possible, even an adventure outside of your comfort zone.


Check out my first-ever vlog below! We laughed a lot, played with puppies, and -spoiler alert- even flipped out of a hammock or two :)

Meet Abby

December 13, 2017

Welcome! My name is Abigail Brewer, and I am a Communications major at Liberty University. I have been a Lynchburg local for just over five years, and I am thrilled to share my life here at Liberty University with you all! Although my university is nestled in small-town Central Virginia, Liberty is the epicenter of global impact, and I absolutely love attending school here.

After moving around the United States throughout my childhood, my family and I landed in Lynchburg during my sophomore year of high school. Lynchburg is my favorite place to call home; mountain views and jaw-dropping sunsets dot the landscape and leave me in absolute awe of my Creator. Lynchburg is home to some of the greatest local food joints, and our small businesses are positively thriving.  

My friends and I love to hop in our cars and explore nearby cities and hidden gems in our free time, but we also enjoy inviting people to our dorms and meeting in the library to study. Liberty offers so many opportunities for students to work hard while having boatloads of fun, so we would say that college is definitely a blast. Whether it be a music concert, a football game, or a Bingo night, Liberty has events and activities for everyone. I hope you enjoy my glimpses of life here at Liberty; come check it out for yourself!

Abby Brewer


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Jan 05, 2018

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Dec 13, 2017