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Dorm Design Tips & Tricks

May 16, 2018

Your dorm is your space to let your creativity roam freely (as long as it stays within the Liberty Way). After two years of living on campus, I’ve seen a wide variety of dorm room layouts. Read below to see what style best fits you!

1. The Social Butterfly: If you have the gift of hospitality and dream of your dorm room being the gathering place for girls on your hall, loft your bed! I have several friends in the Residential Commons who lofted their beds and brought futons or couches into their rooms to create more seating. If you’re hoping to keep your bed lower to the ground, buy cute seats that double as ottomans or can be folded and tucked away to save space when you’re cranking through your homework assignments!

2. The Interior Designer: Newsflash- you don’t have to deck out your dorm room in Urban Outfitters or Pottery Barn to have stylish décor, I promise. My friends and I usually check out secondhand shops or local department stores whenever there’s a big sale. If you’re all about trendy design, Lynchburg’s TJ Maxx is a favorite among students.

3. The Tech Guru: I’ve seen several dorm rooms with fancy computers and complex sound systems set up for digital media work, video games, and movie nights. If you have a lot of tech equipment, bring an additional desk or table with you. You’ll find that you have plenty of space to maximize your equipment and live your best life!

4. The Kitchen Savvy: No matter which dorm you choose, you can always find a way to make some of your favorite dishes. If your dorm doesn’t provide a fridge, bring one! You’d be surprised how many meals you can make in the microwave, so challenge your culinary creativity! If you’re wishing for a full kitchen, check out the dorms on East Campus and the Quads as well.

5. The Organization-Oriented: I love reading blog posts about organization tips and storage hacks for dorm rooms, and I’ve found that all of Liberty’s residence halls have quality space for your belongings. Consider bringing storage tubs to keep your off-season clothing tucked away under your bed, and buy a little ottoman that serves as a seat, a step, and a secret storage spot! I also recommend bringing a desk organizer to keep papers separate and neat.

No matter who you are or what influences your design style and sparks your creativity, command hooks will be your absolute best friend. I hang everything from ball caps to coffee mugs to string lights with command hooks, and my roommates and I own them in every size imaginable. We also highly recommend bringing a lamp or your favorite string lights so that you won’t have to use the industrial lights in your room as your primary light source. Secondary lights cast a softer glow in your room, and they also serve as quality décor. ((Pro Tip: freshen up your space with cute succulents, because a little bit of greenery will go a long way toward transforming your dorm!)) My roommates and I intentionally decided not to color-coordinate our belongings, and we have each enjoyed having our own styles in our room. After all, your dorm is your home for nine months, so make it a place you love! If you can’t decide which LU dorm to choose, take my dorm quiz to find out! 

8 Dorm Necessities

May 16, 2018

?Are you totally ready for your first semester of college? Before you finish loading your car, check out my list of 8 Dorm Necessities!

  1. Command Hooks in every size will be your best friend. You’ll use them to hang everything from artwork to string lights to coffee mugs to baseball caps. Bring extra and make fast friendships on your hall during move-in weekend!
  2. String Lights will light up your world like nobody else. Use them to soften the lighting in your room at night; your dorm room will feel so cozy!
  3. Power Strips can be tucked behind your desk and provide easy access to all your chargers and cables. A surge-protected extension cord is helpful too!
  4. Dishes for late-night snacks and leftovers are a must. You never know when you’ll be handed cupcakes on the hall or when you’ll need to heat up a quick container of ramen.
  5. Dust Cloths make cleanliness checks (and White Glove!) a breeze. Buy a 2-in-1 Swiffer and you’ll be able to dust and mop your room in no time AND make it to Convo in time to check-in with your RA!
  6. A Steamer will keep you looking sharp on presentation day. I recommend buying a small steamer rather than an iron; you’ll be able to save space AND keep your clothes wrinkle-free! After all, who wouldn't want to look their best for their date after class?
  7.  Water Bottles and Travel Mugs will be your saving grace when you race out the door for your 8:15. I always keep a water bottle in my backpack so that I can fill it up at the water fountains around campus, and I use my travel mug to buy coffee refills at Starbucks, Dunkin, the dining hall, or my own coffee pot that I keep in my room. Save money AND the planet! ??
  8. Laundry Hampers are a worthwhile investment, I promise. When I lived in Commons, I bought one that hung in my wardrobe closet, but when I moved to East Campus I purchased a different hamper that I could keep under my bed. Whether you’re carrying clothes to the laundry facility near your dorm, the laundry room on your floor, or the washer and dryer in your quad, you’ll definitely want a sturdy hamper!

Summer 2018 Bucket List

May 9, 2018

It’s your last summer before college, so what are you going to do? Here’s 5 items to put on your Summer 2018 Bucket List!

  1. Serve. Maybe you’ve been planning a summer mission trip for months, or maybe you recently heard about a shelter downtown that needs volunteers. Grab a few friends and find a place to serve this summer!
  2. Travel. Visit somewhere new this summer. Take a road trip to a nearby town and spend the day exploring. Better yet, explore your own city! Look for free festivals or concerts, and most towns have hikes and walking paths you can visit too. You don’t have to fly to an exotic destination to travel this summer, so save your money and visit places near home!
  3. Chat. Strike up a conversation with your neighbors down the street or with the cashier at the grocery store. Set aside intentional time to talk to your siblings and family members; you’ll miss them when you leave for college this fall. Call your Grandma, too!
  4. Pack. Don’t wait until the day before freshman year starts to begin packing your belongings. It’s super easy to find dorm packing lists on Pinterest, so spend time organizing what you already have and purchase what you still need! Donate extra belongings and old clothes to secondhand stores around town, or find a homeless shelter that accepts clothes and shoes. You’ll thank yourself on move-in day if you consolidate your stuff before you drive to university! (Psssst- LU has some great tips & tricks for dorm décor on our Pinterest.)
  5. Rest. I can’t stress this enough- college is going to be an absolute blast, but don’t rush through your last summer before freshman year. It’s okay to enjoy your current season of life. Hang out with your friends; eat meals with your family. Read a book, take a drive, and breathe. Enjoy your summer break after graduation!

Movie Night Vlog

May 9, 2018

Movie nights at Liberty University draw big crowds; Student Activities hosts monthly events showcasing new releases and classic films. For the last Movie Night of the semester, we watched Thor: Raganok and Black Panther. I grabbed a few of my friends and shopped for snacks to make this movie night memorable, so check out the vlog below!


Serve Lynchburg (aka the GREATEST day)

May 7, 2018


My all-time favorite day of spring semester finally arrived last weekend! Last Saturday was Serve Lynchburg, and the students and faculty of Liberty University turned out in FULL force! My life group from church gathered together and registered to serve at the National MS Society Walk-a-Thon, and we had an absolute blast serving our city!

In ONE day…

2000+ students at 96 work sites recorded over 10,000 hours of service!

Saturday was THE BEST day. We boarded our transportation bus bright and early at 7:30 am; with bleary eyes we joked and laughed as we traveled to the work sites. When we arrived on location, we received our jobs for the day. At our particular work site, volunteers cheered on families during the Walk-a-Thon, visited with participants, and assisted in tearing down tents and tables at the end of the event. With the sun shining brightly on the race course, fluffy clouds rolling lazily across the sky, and a light breeze whistling cheerfully amongst the trees, you couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day.

Liberty students and faculty members scattered throughout our city served our community all day long. Some students cleared trash and removed debris from last week’s tornadoes; others threw block parties and hosted neighborhood gatherings. Several groups donned work gloves, energetically plowing through paint jobs and construction projects, and still others served at community gardens and various churches around town. Our red t-shirts dotted the roads and neighborhoods ALL OVER Lynchburg!

Personally, I love Serve Lynchburg because I adore watching my university serve my city. As a Lynchburg local, my heart’s desire is to see my friends at school fall in love with the town that I call home. Lynchburg’s charm characterizes the revamped downtown area and extends out into the neighboring communities as well. Serving at Serve Lynchburg gives students an opportunity to witness the needs of our city firsthand. We may only be here for four years, but I believe that we can use those four years to positively impact this city. After all, Liberty loves Lynchburg!

Abby Brewer


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