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Year of Opportunity

May 2, 2017

2017 thus far seems to be a year of unknown and transition for a lot of us, myself included. Instead of becoming overwhelmed by the fears that come with this new year, I am embracing these changes. 2017 is my transition year. This is my last year as an undergraduate student, and as of last week, I am officially leasing my first apartment. While there is a small part of me that is scared for this current semester and year, I am making sure to take advantage of the opportunities available. 

There are initial fears that come with moving off campus and leasing your first apartment. Bills are overwhelming, commuting seems like a pain, and if you are like me and still have a majority of friends who live on campus, you have a fear of missing out. As discouraging as these fears can be, there are some encouraging aspects I am finding in having my own place. Paying bills may not be the most fun thing in the world, but I am learning how to budget my money and not to give into every impulse buy. And while I am still transitioning from living on a hall the past three years to an apartment, I am ready for a season of growth in learning to enjoy spending some time by myself.

I am more excited for this semester of classes and more nervous than I ever have been before. I am in my usual amount of strategic communication classes and have some of my favorite professors; however, I also decided to add on an extra philosophy class this semester. The philosophy class I decided to add to my schedule is a class that philosophically examines J.R.R Tolkien’s literary work and will by far be both my most time consuming class of the semester and most academically challenging class. However, I am looking forward to the growth I will experience from this course as a reader and writer. While I love my classes that apply to my major, I decided I wanted to take a class that would challenge me in new areas of growth and thinking. 

As uncomfortable as I am with the unknown that this new semester holds, the challenges that living off campus brings, and the intensity of my workload, my community encourages me. While I do face some fear from not living on the hall or near all of my friends on campus anymore, I know time with individuals will become even more cherished and valued.

So I encourage everyone to look at 2017 as a year of opportunities and a year of growth instead of becoming overwhelmed with fear of transitions and workload. Take a class or read a book that will put you outside of your comfort zone. Talk to someone older than you; learn from a parent, professor, or mentor. Find time to sit down and talk with friends over a cup of coffee and most importantly, find time for yourself. Let 2017 be a year of growth, willingness, and opportunities.

Kacie McIntosh

Strategic Communications