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The Broken & Free Tour

March 22, 2017

    Throughout the semester, students at Liberty have the opportunity to hear from world-renowned speakers, authors, and worship artists. At this past Convocation, Christy Nockels, Rebecca Lyons and Ann Voskamp, the women part of the Broken & Free tour, shared their stories and led students together in prayer and worship. 

    Later on that evening, the Broken and Free Tour continued as an event for the ladies of Liberty. While it was Christy Nockels first time at Liberty, her music is not foreign to students because the Worship Collective has sung many of her songs in Convocation. The Liberty University Concert Hall was the perfect setting for Christy Nockels to sing worship songs from her newest album Let it be Jesus. Christy Nockels is passionate about music; she started her career with her husband Nathanial and also served at Passion City Church with Chris Tomlin and Christian Stanfill. Her experience in the music industry has given her a platform to share her talent and reach many people. After Christy opened the night, Rebekah Lyons and Ann Voskamp joined her on stage to introduce themselves.

    Rebekah shared scriptural truth with the women and read excerpts from her newly released book “You Are Free.” She currently serves as the cofounder of Q Ideas, a non-profit that teaches Christians how to influence culture. Rebekah serves alongside her husband Gabe Lyons, who also spoke at Liberty University Convocation last semester! Students enjoyed listening to Liberty alumni Rebekah passionately shared what God taught her in the past few years of life.

    Following Rebekah, Ann Voskamp spoke a powerful message to women about living a broken beautiful life by finding strength in God while navigating through the trials that will be faced in this world. She encouraged women to love one another as she led them in speaking truth over each other. Ann is the best-selling author of the novels: The Broken Way and One Thousand Gifts. She was not a stranger to the students at Liberty; many remembered the powerful words she shared in convocation last year and were excited to welcome her back.

    All three women are passionate about equipping women to live freely through Christ, by relying on Him in the trials that leave us feeling broken. They all shared the love that they have for their families and the passion they have to live life fully through God’s grace. It was a privilege that Liberty University had the opportunity to be a part of the Broken & Free Tour and welcome three inspiring women to boldly speak truth to the Liberty University student body.


Global Focus Week

March 22, 2017


            Global Focus Week (GFW) is a semi-annual event at Liberty University that aims to increase global understanding among the student body. There are so many different Christian organizations around the world that come to Liberty University during GFW to educate students on what God is doing around the world and offer opportunities for students to get involved in their ministry. The LU Serve International department at Liberty organizes several events throughout the week for students to hear from guest speakers and experience different cultures. Some of the events that I attended this week are “The March of the Nations” Convocation, Experience Israel, South East Asia culture exposure, and the Hunger Banquet.

            The March of the Nations Convocation is a great start to all the other events that take place throughout Global Focus Week. During Convocation, students walk around with flags representing their country of origin while Campus Collective lead the student body in songs of worship. Students love watching classmates represent their country because they are reminded of the work that God is doing around the world. 

            If students want to learn more about cultures around the world, they can attend the events hosted by LU Serve International. At Experience Israel, students heard stories about the Holy Land and took part in Israeli folk dancing. A representative from the Israeli Feks martial arts organization gathered the students together and taught self-defense moves. A fellow Liberty student shares her testimony while classmates enjoy Israeli cookies and tea. Later in the week, at the Southeast Asia culture exposure event, there were samples of Ma-Po Tofu, which is fried tofu and ground pork with seasonings, and sencha green tea all prepared by Liberty’s campus dining services, Sodexo. The students who attended these events were happy to walk away knowing more about the culture than they did before.

            At the end of the week, LU Serve International prepared a hunger banquet with guest speaker, Kate Thorton, the director of hunger and sustainability at the Hunger Solutions Institute.  She spoke about the reality of global hunger and encouraged students to make a positive impact in their communities and around the world. There was so much to learn at the Hunger Banquet and all of the other events that occurred throughout the week. Global Focus Week is full of fun, experiential, and informative events, and whether or not students are interested in working globally, everyone can enjoy these events with a greater understanding of the work that God is doing in different parts of the world.

Israeli Cookies!

Tea with fresh mint was served with the cookies!

Many students enjoyed the Southeast Asia Exposure event!


Home at Liberty

March 7, 2017

            The Montview Student Union has surely been groundbreaking at Liberty University. Students enjoy the multipurpose facility for a variety of events, including Open Mic nights. Typically, every other week the floor is opened for students to come share their talent in front of peers. Liberty University students enjoyed the show while sipping on a specialty drink from Argo Tea, located in the center of Montview Student Union.

            The past Open Mic was a full house; students lined the balconies and filled the couches. The stage is always open to any students who are willing to share their talent. The day before Jonathan Cain, a member of the multi-platinum band, Journey, spoke in convocation and two students performed the duet of “Don’t Stop Believing.” During Open Mic Night, one of the performers stated that Liberty feels like home while singing, “Home” by Chris Daugherty. Students were able to enjoy a variety of music from classics to beat boxing and spoken word.

            Liberty University’s Student Activities team does a great job of organizing events that take place throughout the semester. Many students feel a sense of belongingness as they engage in new activities and make new friends at events hosted by Student Activities. Events such as Open Mic truly do provide a feeling of home for students as they share their talent and create new memories alongside their peers.

It was a full house at the past Open Mic!

Enjoying a cup of tea from Argo Tea during Open Mic Night!



Pinterest Event with the Interior Design Society

March 7, 2017

    The Interior Design Association (IDA), at Liberty University, is an organization within the Family and Consumer Science department that exists to provide students who may be studying Interior Design with the unique opportunity to strengthen their skills and educational experience. Interior Design is a concentration of study within the Family and Consumer Science program and is a degree that trains students with the skills needed to go into the business of design interiors.  
    An annual gathering that the IDA hosts are Pinterest events that are open to any Liberty students currently studying or interested in the field of Interior design. The Pinterest events, as well as other informational IDA meetings, are frequently held throughout the semester, and they serve as a great opportunity for student involvement. For this year’s Pinterest event, the students who attended had the opportunity to decorate wood blanks with a variety of materials. Students let their creativity flow while adding color, texture, and design to their custom wood blank. The Pinterest events are always a great opportunity to meet other students, many of who are in the same degree program. The students enjoy learning different design trends and creating personally designed pieces of decor to take home.

Students picking the paint that they would like to decorate their wood piece with. 

A variety of paint colors to choose from!

A student applied a unique design with elephants as a birthday gift for her mom.







A Taste of Christmas Break

January 25, 2017

            Christmas break is a time for students to rest from their day-to-day routine, travel home, and catch up with friends and family. While some prefer to sit back and relax, others will take the time to travel around. Since the break is about a month long it is even a good time for many to work a part-time job! Whatever it may be, Christmas break is a great way to reflect on the past semester and prepare for the semester to come.

            During Christmas break, I was able to find rest from my normal routine, catch up with my family and friends, and even enjoy the company of cousins visiting from Italy. If there is one thing many people know about me, it is the love I have for my family! I was so thankful that I was able to be back home in New York to spend time with my cousins and gather together with them for the Holidays. We enjoyed a fun day of exploring in New York City, admiring all the beautiful skyscrapers and sights that the city has to offer.

            Christmas break is always a great way for me to get rejuvenated as I begin a new semester. Once January comes around, many students will agree that they are ready to get back into their familiar routine at school. The time I get to spend at home is always what I need as it offers me time to be still, reflect on what God has been teaching me, and set new goals for the upcoming year.

Our day trip to NYC!


Making lasagna with my cousin Francesca from Italy.


A winter treat!


Christmas morning breakfast, a tradition in our home!


Gabriella Gallagher

Interdisciplinary Studies: Studio Art and Psychology

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