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A Taste of Christmas Break

January 25, 2017

            Christmas break is a time for students to rest from their day-to-day routine, travel home, and catch up with friends and family. While some prefer to sit back and relax, others will take the time to travel around. Since the break is about a month long it is even a good time for many to work a part-time job! Whatever it may be, Christmas break is a great way to reflect on the past semester and prepare for the semester to come.

            During Christmas break, I was able to find rest from my normal routine, catch up with my family and friends, and even enjoy the company of cousins visiting from Italy. If there is one thing many people know about me, it is the love I have for my family! I was so thankful that I was able to be back home in New York to spend time with my cousins and gather together with them for the Holidays. We enjoyed a fun day of exploring in New York City, admiring all the beautiful skyscrapers and sights that the city has to offer.

            Christmas break is always a great way for me to get rejuvenated as I begin a new semester. Once January comes around, many students will agree that they are ready to get back into their familiar routine at school. The time I get to spend at home is always what I need as it offers me time to be still, reflect on what God has been teaching me, and set new goals for the upcoming year.

Our day trip to NYC!


Making lasagna with my cousin Francesca from Italy.


A winter treat!


Christmas morning breakfast, a tradition in our home!


Christmas In Lights

December 12, 2016

 Every student can agree that final exams and projects make this a busy time of year, but Liberty University does not fall short of decorating the campus and putting on fun events to ease the stress of school and reflect on the reason for the season. On November 28, Christmas cheer was in the air as everyone gathered in front of Demoss for the Christmas tree lighting. Each year hot cocoa is available to everyone who attends to keep hands warm and toasty. Students from the Liberty University School of Music stood on the steps of Demoss leading the crowd in Christmas carols. After singing carols, students joined Jerry and Becki Falwell in the final countdown to light the Christmas tree. When the countdown concluded, everyone clapped and cheered as all of the trees lining University Boulevard and the Christmas tree in front of Demoss Hall brightened the campus. Christmas in Lights creates such memorable moments for students, which will be enjoyed for years to come.


Aeysha Curry Convocation

December 9, 2016

It is always a privilege for Liberty students to gather together in Convocation and hear from world-renowned Christian speakers. The final Convocation before Thanksgiving break is always special at Liberty University. On Friday, November 18, students had the opportunity to hear Aeysha Curry share stories about her life, her passion for food, and her family. During her Q&A with campus pastor David Nasser, she told students where her passion for cooking began, difficulties she has faced along the way, and how she has learned to trust and put God first in all areas of her life. Aeysha Curry is the wife of famous NBA player Stephen Curry, mother to daughters Ryan and Riley, and author of “The Seasoned Life.” She has recently started the cooking show, “Aeysha’s Homemade,” where she shares tips on how to eat well, even in the busy moments of life. Curry’s excitement, encouragement, and specialty food expertise certainly helped prepare students for Thanksgiving break.


Meraki Senior Art Show Exhibition

November 30, 2016

The work of senior Studio & Digital Arts (SADA) students is currently on display in the on-campus art gallery. This fall semester, a select number of students participated in the Meraki senior studio art exhibition. The word Meraki is a Greek word and symbolically describes the passion infused into a piece of art, which expresses something of the artist at work. The gallery featured a number of paintings, drawings, jewelry, photography, and sculptures, each piece unique to the credited artist. Family and friends were lined up outside the gallery eagerly waiting to see the diversity of art forms on display. It was easy to walk away feeling inspired by the truth that as artists place something of themselves within each piece of artwork, God has created us in such a way that brings glory to Him as our creator. The artwork is on display in the gallery for a month and is open throughout the week for all students, faculty, and visitors to enjoy!  


New Girl In Town

November 29, 2016


Hi! My name is Gabriella Gallagher! I was born and raised on Long Island, a small 118-mile long strip of land in New York. Most people do not know where it is, and if they do, their first question is if I can see the New York City skyline from my backyard. Surprisingly, the Big Apple (New York City) is an hour and a half drive away from my home. Long Island is small, yet diverse, and was a great place for me to grow up. Now I am living in Lynchburg, Va., and I am a current student at Liberty University.

About Me:

I constantly find myself thanking God for the opportunity to be at Liberty University. When I made the decision to come here four years ago, it was frightening, but since arriving here, there are no doubts that this is the place where I am supposed to be. As I have ventured out into college, I have found that some of the activities I love to do most often have to do with my childhood upbringing. When I was growing up, my mom always emphasized creativity and a servant heart in the home. I did not understand the value of these simple lessons, but now I realize how those childhood moments have shaped me. I love to create and put my hands to work. I love to learn; I love to live simply, and I love laughter.  Cooking, hand lettering, painting on wood, taking pictures, and making pottery are my channel for creativity. I hope to use my creative skills as an opportunity to help others one day, as it is a passion that God has instilled in me.

I am now in my senior year at Liberty University. I am amazed by how a place I have only been at for three out of my 21 years of life gives me such a comforting feeling of home. It is exciting to be a student blogger for the university that has helped me grow in so many ways! I hope that you enjoy reading my blogs and are encouraged to take hold of all that Liberty has to offer you! 

Gabriella Gallagher

Interdisciplinary Studies: Studio Art and Psychology

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