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How to beat a case of “the Mondays”

February 23, 2016

We all know that the hardest day of the week is Monday and I am sure we can all agree that getting through this day can be tough. But from my very own personal experience, I have come up with some solution on how to BEAT MONDAYS.  

  • On Sunday night give yourself a reason to wake up!

I absolutely love coffee, so that for one is a good reason to wake up. But sometimes it isn’t enough and I need something that will really get me going. For me, things like new hair styles or makeup always get me excited to get out of bed. Maybe your reason to get out of bed is that you bought something new to eat for breakfast or you have a new shirt to wear. It could be anything, just as long as it gets you excited to start the day. 

  • Have a clean space

Too many times I have let my room remain dirty for days on end. When I do this I am not letting myself wake up to a peaceful place and in return, I am not happy to start the day. If my floor is covered in clothes and my desk is a mess, then I honestly feel like a mess myself. So I try to spend a few minutes before bed making my room into the peaceful sanctuary that it should be.

  • Smile

You aren’t the only one who has a hard time on Monday so make the extra effort to smile at others because you might just brighten their day! Also, smiling helps to release endorphins that make you happier in general! 

  • Remember that Tuesday is right around the corner! 

Monday is 1/7th of your entire week, so don’t get down if it doesn’t go as expected. Yes, some days are definitely harder than others, but be strong enough to not let it ruin the rest of the week. Mondays don’t control you, you control Mondays! 



The Compassion Experience

February 18, 2016

Last week was Global Focus week and Liberty invited hundreds of missions organizations to come visit and share stories with the students for the entire week! One of those organizations was Compassion International. If you don't know what Compassion does, they provide medical attention, and provide education to thousands of children all over the world through your support! This week students had the opportunity to go through what was called the Compassion Experience. Watch the video below to find out what that was! 


Francis Chan On Suffering

February 18, 2016

Last Friday one of my favorite pastors, Francis Chan, came to liberty and spoke during convocation. He taught from first Peter about suffering for Christ’s glory, which is something that a lot of Christians don’t look forward to. It makes sense that we don’t look forward to suffering because who likes suffering, in general, no one does. But Chan reminded us that it isn’t for our own gain, but that God would be glorified in our suffering. I should probably clarify what he means by suffering so that you don’t get confused. When the word suffering is used it is talking about pain from resisting temptation or pain from being persecuted. Francis Chan said that we should be surprised when we have a hard time. Many times in America we expect health and wealth, but that is the exact opposite of what we should be expecting. I know that I too get surprised sometimes when I am going through a difficult time. The truth is that the earth is not our home and things won’t be like this forever. Our hope has to be anchored in Christ and in our eternal life with him in Heaven. Our suffering is to be seen as a way to give glory to God because he is better than anything here on earth and we should try our hardest to let nothing come in between us and the Lord.




Last “back to the burg, back to the books”

January 25, 2016

Hey, everyone! I am back for my last semester of college?! I have so many emotions going through me right now and I honestly don’t know what to do. I am first sad because it the last time that I get to say “back to the burg, back to the books”, so I will need everyone’s help to keep this going! Hahaha, but seriously. 

So let me just recap my break for you. It. Was. Fast. I feel like I was doing something every second to plan my wedding, catch up with my family, “do” holiday things, and lastly sleep (I probably did this the most). But overall it was so good. I think that the older I get the better going home gets too. When I was a freshman I was always itching to get back to school and while I won’t say that I don’t want to be at school, I have learned to be content in both places, which is a really great place to be. 

One thing that the Lord has been teaching me at this point in my life is waiting. I am sure I won’t be done learning about this anytime soon, but there are so many things that I am “waiting” for. Getting married, getting a job, making enough money to save for once, and waiting to be done with school, just to name a few. I kind of figured it out Christmas Eve when my pastor taught about how people were waiting to hear from God for over 400 years. I obviously don’t have to wait 400 hundred years to get married, finish school, or get a job (that I know), but like the people waiting for the Lord were faithful, I need to be faithful to God too, especially in the small areas of my life. I need to enjoy where I am and take it all in because before I know it I will be married, done with school and working a full-time job and I am sure I will be telling all of you to be careful what you wish for! 

I will surely keep you updated on how my “waiting” is going throughout the year! 
Stay tuned! 

Below I posted some pictures from my Snapchat (@mereboyce) story while on my drive back from Minnesota! My goal was to get every ornament for each state I was in! 


Living in the Commons

December 1, 2015

Now that we are all back from Thanksgiving Break I am finally able to show you what it is like to live in the Commons! I lived on the 4th floor of the Commons last year and it was amazing! The Commons are different than any other dorm on campus because it has a common area, hence being called the Commons. The common area connects the boys side to the girls side — it is a great way to meet your brother dorm and have fun movie and game nights with everyone. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a place to stay on campus. The only problem with trying to live there is that it fills up so fast and can be difficult to find a room. But any other place on campus will be just as fun if not more fun. Your dorm doesn't make your college experience, you do. Check out the video below so you can see what it is like to live in the Commons! 

*** Boys can't go into the girls side and vice versa.