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May 6, 2014

I can’t believe the semester is ending! It’s been a crazy ride, and I thought I’d take a blog to look back on this year.

End of Summer: Coming back to Liberty early for debate meant saying goodbye to my family a little early and celebrating my summer birthday before packing up from Florida and heading to Lynchburg!

My little sister Kendra and I the day before I left.

Start of the Year: The debate team spends a week at a cabin in Tennessee to start our season off, and it fell on my birthday this year. I was so blessed to spend my birthday with some of my closest friends, and to get a surprise funfetti rice crispy treat cake!

My beautiful birthday cake!

First Day of School: We had to take a first day of school picture!

Ana, Hannah, Grace and I on the first day.

Trips: I got to spend multiple weekends with friends that live a lot closer to Liberty than I do in Florida! It was such a blessing to occasionally take a few days off to spend time with friends, eat homemade food and SLEEP.

Visiting Meagan's family.

Halloween: We may have been traveling and debating on the actual date, but our Halloween party made up for it, including costumes such as: an American flag, Obama, Obamacare, hippies, and impersonations of our debate coaches.

Ana, Hannah, and I all dressed as hippies.

Christmas: I spent Christmas break with some of the best friends I’ve made at Liberty, hanging out on the beach, going to church services, and baking ridiculous amounts of cookies!

Gracie and I at the beach!

Dressed up for Christmas church.

Debate: Second semester, the amount of debate tournaments we traveled to got a little hectic, but we had an amazing season and I had a fantastic time getting to travel and do what I love to do.

My partner Ana got a little tired while doing Bio homework after a busy tournament weekend.

Looking back, though, it’s not the events that I remember about this year, it’s the people.

Some of my favorite people on the Debate Team at our end of the year banquet.

One of my bestest friends, Meagan and I. 

My lovely prayer group!

The lovely ladies of the debate team.

And, just for fun, here’s a very different year in review…

Year in Review: Selfies

First day back in Lynchburg = Cookout.

Debate Team retreat means epic gokart racing!!

Birthday also = Cookout, this time in the drive thru at midnight. 

Late night Bible study selfie!

Selfies at Grace's high school's production of "Seussical."

Finally, Easter church selfie! 

Thanks for taking this crazy ride with me this year. I hope everyone had a wonderful year, and has a beautiful summer!