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A Beautiful Gift

April 24, 2014

I love my team.

I probably say it enough on here, but I don’t say it enough in person: I love my team.

Being a part of the Liberty University Debate Team has changed my life. I discovered an activity I had no idea I was going to fall completely in love with. More than that, though, I discovered a team I had no idea I was going to fall completely in love with. As the semester ends, we’ve had our share of drama, but then again, all slightly dysfunctional families do too. We still love each other.

Last week, as I sat in church with some of my best friends who have become my family, and praised our great and loving God, I could not keep from thanking Him for what He has given me.

The day before that service, we had our end of the year banquet, and I felt the same way- that I did not deserve and could not begin to thank my Lord enough for what He has given me. 

Just a few of my teammates that I've had the privilege and joy of working with this year!

One of the best people I've been blessed to know, Meagan! 

Liberty's Director of Debate, Michael Hall. 

Another one of my favorite people I've been blessed to meet on the team, Grace. 

After a week of being reminded how much I love my team and the amazing opportunity Liberty has given me to travel, debate, and work hard at an activity I truly love, I spent a day at James Madison University debating at one of our final events of the year. 

My partner for the day, Claire!

My partner for this special tournament, Claire, and I had an amazing time and I was reminded again of how much I love these people and this activity, and how incredibly thankful I am that I get to be doing this. 

Not only do I get to spend long tournament weekends with these amazing people, but I get to spend time with them doing things close to all our hearts. The same day we had our beautiful banquet, we also spent the morning volunteering at a local church's Easter carnival- playing games with kids, making art projects, and telling the real story of Easter. 

Taking a break after working with kids all morning!

Before I came to Liberty, I had no idea I would love this activity and this team the way I do, and I am so thankful, as the semester and year ends, to have been given this gift.