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Surviving the End of the Semester

April 3, 2014

With the semester nearing its end, and classes starting to get crazier and more intense, I need some motivation this weekend to get my work done!

Over the past four semesters at Liberty, I’ve slowly learned some of the ways that work best for me to get things done. So in the spirit of upcoming final exams, projects, and presentations, here are some of my best study tips!

1. Figure out what works for you. Everyone learns differently, and some tips will work better for some people. I personally need to make a study playlist that is all instrumental - I’m an auditory learner that will totally get distracted by the lyrics to any song instead of writing my paper or studying for a test. Some people can listen to their favorite music, but some people need absolute silence. Some people study best with others, but some people need to be alone to focus. Figure out what works for you and use it to get the most out of your studying.

2. Pace Yourself. If you have two tests, a project, and three papers to do in two days, don’t plan on doing them all in one sitting. You’ll get so frustrated and bored you’ll inevitably end up on Facebook or Pinterest instead of getting work done. Give yourself hourly breaks that let you stretch your legs, get some food, or do something mindless for a couple minutes. Breaking up your study schedule will help you be more productive during the times you’re actually studying and keep you from going crazy.

3. Use Study Tools. Make flashcards, take practice tests, use a million different colors of gel pens. Do what you can to make studying fun and you’ll learn more while you’re at it. I love making flashcards with fun colors and my own study guides with major points from the text.

4. Stay Healthy. During exam time, it’s easy to justify endless energy drinks, junk food, and 2 A.M. cram sessions. But taking care of your body by getting plenty of sleep and eating normally will help you stay on a healthy schedule that will better prepare you for your exams.

5. Go to Class. It seems intuitive, but a lot of people start thinking that the best way to do well on exams is to sleep or study instead of going to class. However, in-class instruction can be the most valuable learning time you have! Instead of teaching yourself, learning from a knowledgeable professor with fellow classmates helps you process information and learn things that might not be in the textbook. 

6. Have Fun! For me, it’s easy to get stressed out and forget that my Lord and Savior is in control of everything, including my exams. So in the midst of your studying, don’t forget to relax, spend some time with the Lord, and take a break to have some fun.