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Giving Thanks!

November 6, 2013

As Thanksgiving Break is fast approaching (yay!), it got me thinking about all of the things I’m thankful for during this stressful time of the semester.

1. Getting lots of sleep- it’s rare at this time of the semester, but getting in a full eight hours still feels wonderful!

2. Fall leaves

The beautiful view I get walking to class in the morning!

3. Classes that challenge and professors that inspire!

4. My debate family - I can’t imagine a semester without the thrill of stressful tournaments and the joy of being together!

Taking a break from our work when Johnnie Moore came to visit!

5. Learning lessons- I mess up every day, but my God is faithful and forgiving!  

6. Fuzzy socks and tall boots when it’s cold and rainy

7.  Pumpkin EVERYTHING- I know I’ll get sick of it eventually, but right now, everything smells wonderful!

8. Technology that connects me to the ones I love at home!

9. A warm cup of coffee to go with a long night of studying!

And it's even better when baristas actually spell your name right!

10.  My home away from home- campus is gorgeous this time of year, and I wouldn’t rather be anywhere else!

As the semester winds down, I hope you all have some wonderful joys like these to be thankful for, especially the greatest Joy of all - our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.