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Weekend Off!

November 6, 2013

I had the first calm weekend I’ve had practically since school started! I didn’t have a debate tournament and I didn’t have any big assignments due, so I planned on spending the whole weekend just having fun.

After three weeks in a row of long debate tournaments, midterms, and stressful all-nighters, I was thrilled to get a weekend off!

Lindsey enjoying one of the best remedies to a long weekend of work- chocolate!

It started on Thursday night, when a bunch of friends and I went to the last College Night of Scaremare! I do not enjoy scary things, to say the least, and I was apprehensive about the whole thing. We had barely gotten in line before clowns with chainsaws were following us, and it was made pretty clear that I was the one to target. (They pick out the scared ones!) The worst part was when my lovely friends decided to tell the “Scarers” my name! It’s bad enough when they’re following you through the line; it’s even worse when they’re screaming your name! I finally overcame my fear, (primarily by hiding in between my tallest friends and running as fast as I could through the house.) Despite the rocky start, Scaremare was a blast!

On Saturday morning, the debate team headed to Sandusky Elementary School to do some Christian Service- we set up games, did nail painting and hair dye, and made popcorn and snow cones for the school’s Fall Festival. We got to spend the day working with adorable kids and hanging out with other Liberty teams that had also volunteered for the festival. It was absolutely freezing in Lynchburg that weekend, and after four hours of scooping snow cones, my hands were frozen solid, but had a great time!

Meagan and I enjoying our weekend off!

After the festival, I got some much-needed rest - homework, hanging out with friends, and SLEEPING. It may have been a somewhat uneventful weekend, but it was perfect for recuperating from the past few weeks!