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October 29, 2013

Last week, my residence hall had our “Worship Hall Meeting.” Instead of our usual Tuesday Hall Meeting, when RAs give weekly announcements about life on campus and upcoming Student Activities, this week we all went over to the R.C. Worley Prayer Chapel to have a deeper time of fellowship together. We had our regular announcements, but we followed them up with a time of worship, a time of prayer, and a time of testimony. My hectic debate and school schedule has left me very little time this year to get to know the girls on my hall, but this night changed that. Before hall meeting even started, my prayer group went out to ice cream to celebrate Natalie’s birthday, and a few of us stayed together for hall meeting, as well. I have been so blessed to start getting to know these girls, and this hall meeting made me appreciate the community we have even more.

A few weeks ago, we took some pictures in downtown Lynchburg to decorate one of the walls in our hall, and since then I’ve come to an even greater appreciation of these people the Lord has put in my life. I don’t think I thank God often enough that I go to a school where little communities like this exist, and where things like prayer groups are put in place to allow us to grow spiritually together.

My lovely prayer group: Natalie, Caitlin, Sara, Me, Jacquelyn, and Hannah.

Taking advantage of beautiful downtown Lynchburg!

Another great example of this was our Worship Hall Meeting. It was really a beautiful example of how God brings together the right people at the right time to glorify Him and fulfill His purposes. None of us could have known going into that night what healing and fellowship it would bring to people on our hall that needed it the most. People shared their testimonies, what struggles they were going through, and we all were reminded that we weren’t alone.

Even now as I think back to that night, I thank the Lord that He lead me to a school that fosters this kind of fellowship and that He is constantly showing Himself in these communities in miraculous ways. 

My beautiful prayer group leader, Jacquelyn!