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Brightening Your Space!

October 16, 2013

This week got a chance to hang out with a few of my newer friends on campus: some of the freshmen on the debate team. As we talked about things we wish we would have known before coming to Liberty, we kept coming back to one topic: decorating our rooms. If you make the (totally wonderfully awesome) choice to live on campus at Liberty, you’ll get a lot of benefits: a residence hall full of people who love you, fun activities to get involved in, and the underrated proximity to your 7:40 class. But the one element that you might want to change: the appearance of your new little home. Too many people underestimate how much good it can do to liven up the space you’ll be studying in, sleeping in, and laughing in for an entire year. And I have one word for you: color. 

That’s how I approached my first room at Liberty. It was colorful and it was loud, and I loved it. Lucky for me, I had two roommates that trusted me enough (I think) to let me start decorating before they arrived. Trust me, I know that when you first open the door to that little room, it can feel….grey. But that’s just because it hasn’t been given life yet! And by life, I mean color.

When I made the final decision to attend Liberty, I started my decorating process. It sounds tedious, or maybe a little bit silly. But when you are going to live in a small space with one or two other people for an entire semester, you want it to be a place you actually like looking at! And while one of my roommates my freshman year had more of a penchant for monotone color schemes, she quickly saw the light: when you have a smaller, white room to work with, color does the trick!

My freshman year roommate, Angela, in our room.

We did a few things that made our space the best it could be:

  • Artwork:  it doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy. My wonderful mom made us some canvases with Bible verses that brightened up the room and offered inspiration during difficult studying hours.
  • Curtains: This is probably the most underrated part of a room: it makes the whole place look more put-together, and if you use a fun print like we did, it can add some interest to the wall.

Fun curtains added so much to our room!

  • Closet curtains: In Liberty’s residence halls on main campus, the rooms have open closets, which is great for storage and making the use of your space. But to hide the occasional mess, use a tension rod and simple curtains.
  • Garlands: We used non-electric strings, like mini paper lanterns, to add color and interest.
  • Command hooks: I cannot emphasize enough: YOU WILL NEED THESE. They seriously make life so much easier- with three people in one room, you are going to need space to hang towels, bags, or whatever else you need extra room for.

Making good use of hooks and curtains!

  • Comfy chairs: If you can configure your room to allow it, we had a great time with a couple comfy butterfly chairs. They let you entertain more people in your room, and give the people with bunked beds a more comfortable place to study.

Angela doing homework!

  • Rug: This one is also severely underrated. Waking up to a cold floor in the morning is no fun, and rugs make your room brighter and more comfy.
  • Pictures: Put them everywhere! Having some organization is good, but just having pictures of your friends and family will brighten your day and your room!
  • Door sign: It’s definitely not a necessity, but everyone on the residence halls like having the best decoration on their door to invite people in. This one is both cute and functional: it has space for notes to be pinned on the board.

The entrance to our room!

Whatever you do with your space, make sure it’s both functional to your lifestyle and interesting enough to make studying a little more fun.

Have fun making your little space at Liberty the best it can be!