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Making the Right Choice: CFAW!

October 1, 2013

I often get asked why I chose to attend Liberty. I was that obnoxious overachiever everyone had in their high school: I went to every college fair within 30 miles, I had every brochure, catalog, or pamphlet I could get my hands on, and I had statistics memorized for half the schools on my side of the  country. Or maybe both sides. I was ready to scour the country to find the perfect school for me, or rather, the best possible school I could get into. College seemed like another glittering award to add to my collection: perfect GPA, a plethora of extracurricular activities, hundreds of volunteer hours, and…an Ivy League stamp of approval.

…but that’s not exactly how it worked out.

My junior year of high school I made a decision I hadn’t anticipated I’d be making: to go to an evangelical Christian school. My junior year was the first year I made an intentional commitment to follow Christ, and along with that decision came another one: I decided that if I was going to stake my life on these beliefs, I wanted to know as much about them as I possibly could. I wanted to get the opportunity to take Bible and theology classes that would enrich me spiritually, not just mentally.

And Liberty still wasn’t on my radar.

You’d think with it being the largest Christian university in the world and all, it would be my first thought. Wrong. Still as organized and calculating as ever, I shifted my statistics memorization and brochure collection to a different set of colleges. But something happened that I hadn’t entered into my calculations.



Getting the full experience!

Don’t get me wrong, like many of my fellow students, I now occasionally dread the onslaught of outsiders to our campus. But when I was a wide-eyed high school senior, I came looking for a college, and I found a home.

Nothing quite prepares you for a God-sized intervention. Unfortunately, he usually forgoes the brochure stage. When I came to CFAW, I was expecting to meet with the right advisors, visit the right classes, and let the admissions office know: I had done my homework. Instead, what I remember most about CFAW was the feeling of the Holy Spirit everywhere I went on campus.

When I visited the Helms School of Government, I didn’t just get handed a list of majors, a cup of coffee, and a firm good-bye-thanks-for-coming handshake. I met professors who were genuinely interested in knowing what I was interested in. I met administrators who wanted to hear how I was doing, how I was really doing, and when they said they’d pray for me, I knew that they meant it.

CFAW is not just an opportunity to spend a few nights on a cramped dorm room floor, go to a (totally awesome) concert, and sit in on some (really fantastic) classes that interest you. It’s all of those things, but it’s also a lot more. It’s an opportunity to have God speak to you through some amazing people, feel His presence on a campus filled with people who love Him, and sometimes, get hit right over the head with His amazing will for your life.

Making great friends (that I'd room with my freshman year!)

My dear friend Sarah and I at the game!