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Panther Falls

September 10, 2013

I love living on campus - it’s such a blessing to be on a hall full of people to love on you and encourage you throughout the semester. And one of the best parts of living on campus at Liberty is doing fun activities with your “brother”/ “sister” hall- the guys and girls residence halls paired together for the year. This last weekend, the leadership on my hall and my brother hall took a hike to Panther Falls, a swimming hole about an hour from campus.  The “hike” turned out to be a lot more like a short walk- but no one was complaining, because spending as much time as possible in the water was our goal! After our first two weeks of classes, we were all looking to let off a little steam- and what a better way than to wildly jump off some rocks into absolutely frigid water!

Enjoying our day off! (Photo courtesy of Emily Gibson)

Better than the hike and the falls was getting an opportunity for our halls to spend some time together and take a break from another week of studying. Living on campus gives you such a great opportunity to have a built-in support system of friends and roommates that will be there for you the whole year. Whether it’s an impossible Chemistry question or a search for another volleyball player, living on a big hall is such an incredible blessing- we get to work, play, and live together, and sometimes take a wild leap of faith.

One of our SLCs, Janelle, taking a dive into the water. (Photo courtesy of Emily Gibson)