College prep for success

Test Preparation

As a high school student, preparing for standardized tests such as the SAT or ACT is very important. While not every college will require both exams, it's recommended to take both as students test differently between the two. Here are a few helpful links to prepare you for taking the SAT and ACT!

Study skills

Liberty University wants you to succeed in high school and through your college career! Liberty offers several 'Study Skill Courses' that will guide you throughout your education. Below are helpful tips on note-taking, math and reading!


Your High School Guidance Office

Throughout your high school career, your assigned guidance counselor should not only be helping you with your class schedule, but assist you with your college search. From filling out college applications, to finding SAT/ACT testing centers, your guidance office should be your one-stop-shop for helping you transition from high school into college! Stop by your guidance office soon to see other tools they offer!

Career assistance

Not exactly sure what you should study when you attend college? No problem! Liberty University's Career Center offers a career assessment online you can take to guide you to your perfect major. Liberty’s Career Center also provides other services such as resume critiques, mock interviews and internships!

Accelerated 3-Year Programs

Liberty University is committed to helping you graduate early! We want our graduates to not only come out ahead academically, but financially as well. Liberty understands that reducing college cost is more than just searching for scholarships – it is also about how soon you can graduate. Students who finish college early can start their career faster and save thousands of dollars in tuition, room and board costs, and other fees. Committed to this mission, we want to give you the tools to succeed. With the right preparation, you can finish your degree at Liberty in as little as three years! 


Participating in extra-curricular activities shows that the student has a genuine passion to be involved. These students demonstrate the ability to lead and inspire others. From Christian/Community Service, clubs and societies to participating in NCAA and Club sports, these students tend to excel in their academic focus and careers!

Visiting a college campus

Visiting different colleges is the best way to determine if that college is the best fit for you. You can see firsthand the campus that could be your home. This is also the best way to the meet faculty and staff you will be in contact with day in and day out as well as visit the campus’ surrounding communities. Liberty University’s Hancock Welcome Center is opened 7-days a week for tours and one-on-one admissions sessions. Schedule your visit today!


Finding scholarships is another key step in preparing for college. Students can search for scholarships using online search engines such as Google or Bing, as well as websites that are set aside specifically for scholarships and college searches. Zinch, Cappex and Fastweb are all great resources for finding outside aid! Liberty also encourages students to use the tool displayed on the Student Advocate's webpage when searching for outside scholarships. Scholarship Search 101 is a great resource offered both in person and online through the SAO to assist you with finding scholarships! There are also scholarships you may be eligible for based on your SAT or ACT test scores. Liberty provides Academic Achievement Scholarships as well!