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Introduction to Liberty University

Hosted by Admissions Counselor Heather Copeland

Liberty University is the largest private, nonprofit university in the nation, the largest university in Virginia, and the largest Christian university in the world. This livecast will give you an overview of Liberty's mission to develop Christ-centered leaders through academic rigor, spiritual growth, and a vibrant student life, as well as help you understand the role of the Admissions team in your journey to becoming a Champion for Christ. (Originally aired: 1/28/2016)



Preparing for College Success

Hosted by Admissions Counselor Rick Cramer

Many students may not yet be old enough to apply to Liberty University, but this does not mean that they should not be thinking about college. Join us for this livecast as we discuss ways to begin preparing for college, including study and test skills, extracurricular activities, visiting colleges, and searching for scholarships. (Originally aired: 05/12/2016)


4 A's of Admissions

Hosted by Admissions Counselor Breena Telfer

Four easy steps are all it takes to complete the undergraduate admissions process for Liberty University. Liberty has a rolling admissions process, with no hard deadline for the application. This simulcast will guide you through the first two steps of the admissions process, allow you to review the benefits of acting now, and help you apply to Liberty University. (Originally aired: 12/3/2015)


4 A's of Admissions (Part II)

Hosted by Admissions Counselor Rachel Walker

Two more admissions steps and you will be moving into your residence hall! After being accepted and moving forward with financial aid, the last two A's will help a student secure their place at Liberty and make choices regarding class registration and housing. This Livecast will guide you through the process to prepare you for attendance at the world's most exciting university. (Originally aired: 3/17/2016)


Transferring to Liberty University

Hosted by Admissions Counselor Katie Towns

We realize that one of the most important questions for transfer students is how their credits will transfer for admissions and what scholarships they will qualify for. This Livecast will help those transferring to determine how courses you have already taken or plan to take will transfer and the scholarships that may be available to you. (Originally aired: 3/24/2016)


Class Registration

Hosted by Admissions Counselor TJ Edwards

Registering for classes can be one of the most exciting and yet most daunting parts of the admissions process. Thankfully, Liberty has multiple resources to assist you with registration, such as suggested course sequences and a team of advisors to make sure you stay on track towards the degree of your choice. This Livecast will go over each of the resources at your disposal and walk you through the essential steps to completing your class schedule. (Originally aired: 4/21/2016)


The Homeschool Advantage

Hosted by Homeschool Coordinator Phylicia Masonheimer

Are you a homeschool student applying to Liberty? Then this livecast is for you! Liberty knows the value of a homeschool education and we would like to partner with you. Learn how to navigate the admissions process as a homeschool student as well as benefits that you can use to your advantage. (Originally aired: 9/3/2015)


Financial Aid

Financial Aid Q&A

Hosted by Financial Aid Representative Kayla Glass

Parents and students are encouraged to file their taxes early in the year and complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). We field questions every day from families concerning the FAFSA and the verification process. This simulcast will instruct students and parents in the basics of FAFSA and verification with time for questions at the end! (Originally aired: 2/18/2016)


Scholarship Search 101

Hosted by Senior Student Advocate Courtney Richards

While institutional scholarships are a fantastic way to fund your education, there are many scholarships on the internet that go unclaimed and other sources of which many students are unaware. This session will teach you the tools and skills needed to search for those scholarships and contribute to your financial aid! (Originally aired: 4/28/2016)


The College Transition

Fall 2015 Welcome Week

Hosted by Student Advocate Aaron Garcia

The time has come to move into your residence hall! Join our Student Advocate Office as they go over the basics of your first week here at Liberty. (Originally aired: 07/30/2015)


Get Ready for Summer Orientation

Hosted by Student Advocate Lindsay Burgess

Your first semester of classes is just around the corner! To make sure you have the knowledge to succeed, plan to attend Summer Orientation. During one of these day-long events, you will be able to attend New Student Seminar 101, get your Flames Pass, finish up enrollment details, speak with your academic advisor, and meet new friends! Lindsay Burgess presents this livecast to talk about the layout of the event so you can make the most of your day. (Originally aired: 05/21/2015)