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Take me out to the ball game

April 30, 2012

If you ask any of my friends which sport I really do not enjoy watching they will almost always answer "Baseball." My main reasons for not really preferring the sport are that I don't understand it, it's a really slow sport and I didn't grow up watching it. After this weekend I can say that I sort of understand it and sometimes there is action that is entertaining! Unfortunately Liberty lost all three games this weekend against Coastal Carolina but they put up a good fight. 

One thing that surprised me about baseball that I really enjoyed was watching the umpires make the different calls and the audience's response. I now see that baseball can actually be interesting to watch and it definitely got intense when Liberty was trying to get a third out. I was also really impressed when players "hit it out of the park" and made homeruns. Overall I am really glad to understand the sport a little better, and even if it's not my favorite, I can definitely enjoy a good baseball game!

Photo by Joel Coleman/Liberty University

Photo by Joel Coleman/Liberty University


One Year Later...

April 26, 2012

Exactly one year ago today on April 26th 2011, I posted my first blog for Liberty! I can't even begin to express how much I have enjoyed writing and sharing my thoughts about Liberty. It has been great interacting with current and prospective students on the blog and I hope that you will continue reading it! Please continue to comment on the blog with any questions you might have about Liberty or even about myself!! 

I thought that I would share with you my top 5 favorite blog posts this past year! 

1) The Cross- Joe White left a lasting impact in the lives of students at Liberty using the cross. 

2) Ivy Lake- One of the best afternoons of the Spring Semester was spent relaxing at Ivy Lake, one of Liberty's many recreational places. 

3) Big Surprise-  My dad came from Sweden to surprise me and we had a great time together! 

4) Liberty vs. NC State-  We took a trip down to North Carolina to see Liberty give NC State a run for their money! 

5) Why I chose Liberty-  I am so thankful to be at Liberty, this explains how God brought me here! 

Thanks so much to those of you who read my blog and give me great feedback, please continue to do so!! 




April 25, 2012

This past week, Liberty welcomed the band NEEDTOBREATHE to perform for students in the Vines center. When I first heard that Student Activities was able to book them and we only had to pay $10, I jumped on it and bought my ticket immediately. This past summer while working at Crossroads Worldwide summer camp, we played their music all the time and I fell in love with Bear Rinehart’s unique voice.

The show was kicked off with Ben Rector singing his incredible songs and engaging the audience in his performance. He did a tribute to Whitney Houston with a modified version of “I Wanna Dance with Somebody.” Then after a short break NEEDTOBREATHE came out and the put on a phenomenal show. Not only are they extremely talented musicians but they also know how to put on a great show. The whole time my friends and I were dancing and having a great time. The concert just flew by and nobody wanted it to end. They ended the night with my favorite song "Slumber" and at one point told the audience to be silent and they sang some of it without any microphones! Huge shout out to Student Activities for always bringing in the BEST bands! 


Relay For Life

April 18, 2012

Liberty is always very willing to host different organizations when they need a place to hold an event. One of those incredible events is the Relay for Life, which is held all over the United States by the American Cancer Society. The Relay goes from 5:00 p.m to 5:00 a.m and one person from your team has to be on the track at all times. I had never heard of it until I came to Liberty and decided to sign up at the last minute to support my friend Josh. This event was so amazing and I am going to share with you “Why I Relay”!


Cancer is something horrible that has affected the lives of so many people. Some have battled with it themselves, seen a family member or even close friend struggle with it. Some have won the cancer battle and others haven’t. For me personally, I lost one of my grandmothers to Pancreatic Cancer on January 19th 2011. My other grandmother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer 15 years ago and was declared cancer-free 5 years later after having a mastectomy, 4 treatments of Chemo and 5 years of taking Tamoxifen and Arimidex. 

My last picture with my Grammy! 

My friend Josh Isaacson was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, which was a tumor behind his right eye when he was 6 years old. The doctors told his parents that he had a 20-40% chance of surviving and if he did, due to the radiation to the head, he would be at best a C student in school. He went through 6 weeks of radiation to the head and 10 months of chemotherapy. After those treatments, Josh was declared cancer free on February 28th 1999. He is also a straight A student studying Computer Engineering and if you ask any of his friends, you know that they all ask HIM for help with Math! Josh has been really involved with the Relay for Life and this year he personally raised $430. Josh has such an incredible heart and knows that the Lord healed him, which he shares very openly! If you ever get the opportunity to be a part of the Relay for Life event, I would highly recommend it! 

Josh and his parents! 



April 12, 2012

As the semester comes near to an end here at Liberty, I find myself having a tough time fighting senioritis even though I’m only a sophomore! At the end of every semester it’s really hard to stay focused and keep the end in sight when you are so tired and worn out. So I thought I would give some “Big Sister” advice to all the High School students out there who have lost motivation and are just so desperate to leave and start a new chapter. So here are my top 5 pieces of advice for you as the semester is ending.

  1. Keep your GPA up- As we can see the end of the semester in sight, it is so easy to just “get by” with our grades. A lot of people say that second semester of senior year isn’t that important because by that point you’ve already gotten college acceptance letters. The one thing they don’t keep in mind is that your GPA still is affected by your grades. Even if you’ve already been accepted into a University you want to maintain a good GPA to put on a resume! And a high GPA equals more scholarships! 
  1. Enjoy every moment at home with your family- I remember when I came to Liberty, I was pretty excited to be on my own away from my family, as any 18 year old would be. However, when I got here, I realized a lot of things that I missed from home. I wasn’t homesick but there are just things that you will miss about having your family around you all the time. I do think that my relationship with my parents was strengthened when I moved out because I grew up a lot and was able to have more adult conversations with them! The times that we do talk on the phone are very important and are not spent arguing (usually!)

Family Photo- let your mom take as many family photos as she wants while you're home!

  1. Get off your computer and spend time with friends- I know that this may sound like strange advice from someone who blogs a lot and loves social media, but hear me out! I remember being in high school and spending excessive amounts of time on Facebook and Twitter. I wasn’t spending enough actual quality time with my friends before we all went our separate ways. When you go off to college, Facebook will be a great tool to stay in contact but when your friends are 5 minutes away from you, GO hangout with them! During your first semester of college having those distant friendships will be essential while you are still figuring out your group of friends where you’re at.                  

My Small Group in High School!

  1. Take as many CLEP tests/AP tests as possible- When I was a senior a lot of my friends who had graduated kept telling me to take as many CLEP tests as possible. In my head I was thinking I don’t want to pay $70 to take a test and I don’t want to take another test! When I came to college, I then realized that to take a 3 credit hour class costst approximately $1500. I took one CLEP test for English and got 3 credits for it and I am so glad that I did that to save a lot of money.
  1. Start connecting with you Future University and Classmates- When I came to Liberty I really didn’t know that much about it and I wish I would have been more educated about it. It is a really good idea to begin this process the summer before you arrive at a University. One way you can do this is to search the University’s website and see what kinds of activities they offer or clubs to become a part of when you get there. One way to get connected with Liberty specifically is to like Liberty University’s Facebook page and your class page (Class of 2016).