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Last Christmas at Liberty...

December 10, 2013

This semester (as I have already said) has been filled with many “lasts.” Since Liberty does Christmas BIG I have had quite a few “lasts” in the past few weeks. So I decided to combine them all into one blog big of all the different things I’ve experienced the past few weeks.

1. Thanksgiving Break. When people think about Thanksgiving they think, being with the family all bundled up in cold weather. Well this year I didn’t get any of that because I used my frequent flyer miles to go visit my best friend in Southern California. So my Thanksgiving was filled with sunshine and celebrating the holiday with new and old friends

La Jolla cove near San Diego! 

Laguna Beach, Ca (my favorite picture I took there!)

2. Tree Lighting. A new tradition at Liberty that started since I came here is the tree lighting ceremony in front of DeMoss Hall. Becki Falwell (President Falwell’s wife) loves Christmas so this was her little project to make Liberty seem more like home for the Holidays. There was a huge crowd who came out and it was fun to take time away from school to enjoy this fun activity.


4. Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. What’s the Christmas season without ugly sweaters! This semester quite a lot of my friends are graduating so we had a fun Christmas party the night before reading day. Who doesn’t love good food and good fellowship before finals kick in.

These girls are so great!! 

3. Christmas Convocation. This is probably one of the hardest events to describe through writing. Christmas Convocation is filled with singing Christmas songs and making fun of all the silly things Liberty students do (and also the faculty). Campus band always has a funny video and students are always laughing hysterically. So if you want to know what this is all about, I guess you’ll just have to become a Liberty student (a.k.a the most awesome students).

Students had glow sticks and used their iPhone flashlights to light up the Vines Center! 

4. Christmas Coffeehouse. This year I was one of the unfortunate students who completely forgot to get a ticket and the event sold out 3 days beforehand. So I shamelessly put up on a “free and for sale” Facebook page that I was looking for a ticket. Within an hour I had a student comment saying he had a ticket. I then messaged him asking how much he wanted for the $3 ticket thinking he was going to say $10+. He then responded…FREE because he wanted to spread Christmas cheer to students like myself who were not so smart. So thank you William Nott for blessing me this Christmas season!! Oh and check out this Hilarious video from Coffeehouse!


5. Fall Semester Finals. Now this is probably my favorite last, why you ask? Because that means I only have one more semester and one more finals week left in my college career. This was probably my hardest finals week because it meant the difference in a letter grade in most of my classes.

Overall this semester has had its ups and downs. I’ve had moments where I’ve been extremely happy and then there have been moments of just wanting to be done with school. I am so thankful though to be at a place where no matter what my circumstances, I am pointed to Christ and I’m always growing in every season. I hope you all have an amazing Christmas and you get to celebrate the true meaning for the season. I’ll be back in January for my LAST semester at Liberty, so incredibly bittersweet.