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November 14, 2013

One of the most important questions to ask when going to college is: How am I going to pay for this? The majority of college students nowadays are taking out student loans which means that when we graduate we have to begin to pay it off. As I’ve mentioned before, I was originally planning on going to a big state school before God changed my plans and brought me to Liberty. When I received my financial aid package from Liberty, it was close to $10,000 cheaper/year for me to attend Liberty. However I will be honest, I do have some student loans I will need to pay off when I graduate. So I’m sure you’re think, Lizzy this is boring, why are you telling us this?! Well keep reading to find out…

As my last semester is approaching and I’m going to begin to pay off my student loans (as quickly as possible!) I wanted to get some help with how to do that.  The answer was put right in front of me in last week. Liberty offers a free course called Financial Literacy based off of The Lampo Group (founded by Dave Ramsey).  This course will teach all about how to live within one's means, budgeting, and working to achieve financial stability. Not many other schools would be this invested in student’s futures to offer this kind of a course but I am so thankful that Liberty cares! 

Two of the best convocations I've heard occurred in the past week and that was with Dave Ramsey and then his daughter Rachel Cruze. They both gave such great talks about money and Rachel gave such practical advice to students about managing their finances. If I could leave one thing with you that she told us that is to search for scholarships!! Yes it takes time but it will save you so much money if you are awarded one! Check out the videos below for their convocation talks!