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Happy, Happy, Happy

October 8, 2013

Throughout the 3+ years I’ve spent at Liberty, we’ve had some big name speakers in Convocation. We’ve had huge names like Donald Trump, Tim Tebow, Kirk & Candace Cameron, John Piper, Mike Huckabee and the list goes on. This past week Liberty added to the list of incredible speakers by bringing in Duck Dynasty star, Willie Robertson. The line outside of the Vines center at 9am (1 hour before Convo even started) was so long! 

Outside of Vines before Convocation 

Inside Vines during Convocation

This past summer my family watched all of the seasons of Duck Dynasty and I’ve never seen my dad laugh this hard in his entire life. I love that this family has created one of the leading reality shows, simply by sharing about their love for Jesus, their family and duck calls.

Willie speaking in Convocation

 Willie had one of the best Convocation messages I’ve heard because of how real he was with students. The Robertson family is not ashamed of sharing their story and where they came from. It’s amazing to see a family stick to their values even when they became very famous. I only wish Willie would have brought Uncle Si with him to Liberty! 

Photo with my friends before Convo, so packed already!