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March 1, 2013

When I decided to be a Psych major, I knew that I was going to have to complete a 125-hour internship to be able to graduate. That was always in the back of my head and I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to do for it as I end my junior year. The best thing about Psychology is that there are an extensive number of fields you can go into with your degree. My number one problem that I have right now is picking a direction to head in. I love so many aspects of psychology and would be completely content picking any one of them.  

Even if you’re not an upperclassman, it’s a good idea to begin thinking about internships now. It can help you to begin narrowing down what you want to do for an internship. As you begin to take classes in your major you will learn what interests you and what doesn’t. Recently, I went to the meeting for Psychology students to get more information about the logistics behind getting your internship to qualify for college credits. One great thing the professor said about internships is that a lot of times you will realize that this is NOT the field you want to go into, and that is a very good thing! The main reason that different departments require students to complete an internship is to help us narrow down what they want to do in the future and to give experience in their field.

So right now I am in the process of finding an internship for this summer in Sweden. If you thought finding an internship was hard in America, try doing it oversees in another language, talk about a challenge! This is something I really want to do though, to get more international experience and to improve my Swedish! Hopefully I will be able to report back soon that I found an internship that fits what I am most interested in! If you are looking for an internship here in America, Liberty has some great resources to find one. Check out their list of websites to look for internships!