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Global Focus Week

February 15, 2013

As someone who has lived overseas for 11 years and traveled all over the place, I am very passionate about anything international. This week at Liberty it’s Global Focus week, so of course I am going to blog lots about it! Monday’s convocation was definitely one of my favorites because we got to see international students at Liberty carrying flags from their home countries. My really good friend Nissy got all dressed up to participate in it and I got a picture with her later in the day!

The flags from all over the world being walked into Convocation! 

My incredible Indian friend Nissy and I

If you haven’t read my blog about the Children of the World choir from a year ago, go check it out. They came back again this year and performed in Convocation on Monday and they were without doubt the cutest kids I’ve ever seen (I say that every time the come though)!! They sang the song “Dancing Generation” and it was such an amazing song to hear coming from young international believers!

Children of the World in Convocation (Photo by: David Duncan)

We also got to hear from Jo Saxton is from London but her parents were from Nigeria. Her message fit so well with Global Focus week because she talked about how we are to be the salt and light in the world. I mostly enjoyed listening to her though because of her incredible Londoner accent! Check out the convocation video below!