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Liberty's SOAR Dunk Team

September 26, 2012

Liberty has some amazing ministry teams that travel around the country ministering to students. One that caught my attention recently was the SOAR Dunk team. Now I’m sure when you hear dunk you automatically think, “oh that’s just some basketball team.” Let me tell you though, they are not just some ordinary basketball players! The SOAR Dunk team use basketball, trampolines and acrobatic moves to WOW audiences all over the east coast! If that doesn’t make sense, then click here to watch video I made from Saturday night when I got to see them perform for College for a Weekend.

(Photo by: Colin Mukri) 

I had the opportunity to have a conversation with Brent Fortenberry who has been a part of the ministry since 2006. He explained how the team travels all around the east coast and uses the dunking to get into high schools (public and Christian). Their goal is to just shine Christ’s light in a different way that will get students' attention. Brent has an amazing connection to the ministry because not only is he a part of the team now but he also got saved through the influence of the guys on the team. His favorite part about being on the team is the conversations he gets to have with students after they perform. If you want to see an amazing show that will leave you with your jaws open, then have your school schedule them to come!

(Photo by: Gabe Hernandez)