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September 19, 2012

This past weekend I managed to catch the cold that’s been going around at Liberty. There was no real indication that I was getting sick, it just came on real quickly and I was sick within a few hours. Of course I called my mom immediately and said “Mom, tell me everything I need to buy to nurse myself back to health!!” So she walked me through the grocery store on the phone and told me everything to buy and I can say that I think it actually helped.

The one thing my mom scolded me about was not getting enough sleep. The first month of school is great, you feel like you have the energy level of Superman! Then you hit week 5 of classes and something happens that just takes all of that away and we slowly become zombies!! Most of the time it’s because we put our homework off to the last minute and end up staying up really late. For me, getting sick was actually one of the best things that could have happened because I have forced myself to get a good nine hours of sleep the past five nights.

So here I am telling you the advice that my mom gave me: GET SOME SLEEP! I promise you will feel like you have your Superman energy back if you get three good nights of sleep. So here is some sisterly advice, instead of wasting time on Facebook and procrastinating, get your homework done early and get a good night's sleep!