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August 29, 2012

As Clayton King kicked off Spiritual Emphasis Week in Convocation today, I wanted to write about what really sets Liberty apart from other schools. If you haven’t already noticed, Liberty is a Christian University. A lot of times when people hear the term “Christian University” they have some kind of preconceived view. Whether positive of negative, it automatically brings some kind of idea to your head. I had a lot of different expectations for Liberty and how its Christian values would be implemented into our daily lives. However, when I got here I realized that Christ was truly the center of this University but it wasn’t “shoved down your throat.”

Clayton King speaks at Convocation. (Photo by Colin Mukri)

Each semester I am reminded during Spiritual Emphasis Week that nothing else really matters without a relationship with Christ. The incredible education that Liberty offers is no good from a kingdom perspective if we are not willing to go out and use our gifts to advance the gospel! Something that Liberty is constantly inspiring us to do is to be the BEST in whatever field we go into. A funny but serious motto that is around Liberty is “If it’s Christian, it should be better!”

Even now as a junior at Liberty, I am always so thankful that my teachers pray at the beginning of class. No matter how rough your day is, you can always just bring your focus back to Christ at the beginning of class. I always hear from new students coming from public schools that it makes such a difference to have prayer at the beginning of classes. I love Liberty for so many reasons as you have seen from my posts but its focus on Christ is most definitely what has kept me at Liberty!