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Choosing a Dorm for Freshmen!

June 22, 2012

The last 3 weeks of the Spirng Semester I had the privilege of joining High School and Transfer students for Friendly Friday. If you follow Caitlin’s blog then you definitely know what Friendly Friday is, but basically it is a day where you and your family can come to Liberty to see and experience a day on campus! You get to take a guided tour all over campus, see the residence halls, academic buildings, be a part of Convocation, get all your questions answered about admissions and explore the campus on your own! It’s a great full packed day of life at Liberty!

On one Friday,  I had the pleasure of meeting Baili Abrams and her mom visiting all the way from Fort Lauderdale, FL! Baili just graduated from Calvary Christian Academy a few weeks ago and after visiting Liberty for Friendly Friday, she made the decision to attend Liberty in the Fall! I wanted to share some of her story because it’s been a few years since I went through the process of deciding on a University! When I talked to Baili, a few weeks after visiting Liberty,  I asked her what made her decide to come to Liberty. She replied, “It was the atmosphere! The majority of people at Liberty strive for the same thing, to follow God’s plan for your life and having fun in the process!” When she said this I immediately thought back to my first impression of Liberty and this was definitely how I felt and still feel! 

Baili and her Mom! 

I also asked Baili what made Liberty so special and she said, “It was everything combined that made the University that it is; well-rounded. It doesn’t only offer great academics, athletics or social atmosphere, it was all in one!” When Baili comes in the fall she still hasn’t quite decided what she wants to study (which is extremely common for freshmen) but she thinks it will be Special Education with a Youth or Family Ministries minor!

One of the big questions that I’ve heard from a lot of incoming Freshmen, including Baili, is: What residence hall is the best to live in!? From my experience I really enjoyed living on Main Campus in the community style residence halls. You always have someone to eat or hang out with! However, that also means it’s going to be much louder. East campus apartment style residence halls offer more space, a kitchen and living area, which is a huge plus. However, I have heard from some people that as a Freshman it is harder to branch outside of your quad and meet people because you are separated from other people a bit more! There are a lot of strengths to all the residence halls, but for Freshman I personally would recommend living on main campus! Stay posted for more answered questions and tips about coming to Liberty in the fall!