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May 3, 2012

I honestly can't believe how fast this year has flown by. Everyone keeps telling me "Just wait it only gets faster and faster!" Today is the first day of finals and you can see the ramifications all over campus. Students sleeping (some snoring) on sofa's, long lines at Starbucks, no seats available in the Computer Lab, and people who look like Zombies. Yes, finals week is definitely here. The only thing that gets students through finals week is knowing that Summer Break is so close! 

Most students can't wait for summer. By this point in the semester most students know exactly what their summer will entail. Whether its an internship, a part-time job, nannying, summer camp or something else, most of us have a plan. For me, I am going to be a nanny for my aunt and uncle's three kids and I am really excited! Seniors are all about to embark on an incredible new chapter in life whether it be their first full-time job, begin graduate school or even taking time off. The Liberty class of 2012 is graduating in 9 days and I'm sure they are so happy to be done with school, but are nervous about where they are headed next. 

I remember being in High School and I couldn't wait to graduate and begin my life somewhere else. I knew I was going to miss so many things from Boarding School but I was so ready for something new. Former Liberty Student Paul Davidson wrote a song called "California Dreams" about moving on from the place you're living now. He had a dream of moving from Virginia on to California and its a great song with incredible talent!! Seniors, enjoy the new chapter of your life as you move on to somewhere else! 

This summer I will continue to blog and give helpful tips to incoming Freshman and Transfer students so be on the lookout! Please comment on the blogs with any questions you have! I am so excited to see all of the new faces on campus when I return in the fall!